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Shakti Rising

kundalini yoga

I’ve felt a need for some downtime ever since I cut the top of my left pinky off in a freak watermelon accident a couple of weeks ago. But because the stress-induced accident itself wasn’t a strong enough message for me to pick up on the fact I seriously needed a break (I’ve been typing away with a bandaged pinky), it was reiterated in the reading I published two days ago.

Ergo there was no post published yesterday. I did get some nice R&R in the sun but, to be honest, 24 hours of rest was probably not enough. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to write anything today either, because though I woke up raring to go, I soon collapsed and started feeling as if I was coming down with the flu.

This nosedive happened within half an hour or so of publishing my tarotized quote of the day, based on the 4 of Swords (or Four of Air) from the Gaian Tarot – a strong message that more rest was indeed needed.

So, for once, I decided to not resist the message and try to bulldoze my way through for the sake of it. Besides, I was curious about the Ace of Wands aka ‘Ace of Spring’ in the Fairy Tarot pack) part of the reading I did the other day. How might this tie in with ‘getting the getting my wings’ part of the 4 of Swords message this morning? The two felt connected somehow…

The words ‘To get your wings, you must be still.’ came through so strongly from my heart in the meditation I did on the Four of Air. I even put the words in bold type because of how signficant they felt.

Not long after I had started feeling really sorry for myself and right after putting my head over a pot of boiling hot water with essential oils to relieve some of the pressure from my sinuses, my sister did a video call about the message I had sent her earlier that morning. I needed to talk to her because I had been to an evening of spiritual mediumship the night before and our dad had come through (sic!).

After chatting about the events of the night before, dad’s messages and how they tied in with our memories of him, my sister briefly mentioned that she is getting to know a kundalini yoga teacher. Then we hung up and it was time for lunch.

After lunch I went downhill some more and started feeling really nauseous, so I crawled into bed with ‘The Universe Has Your Back.’

Those of you who are familiar with Gabrielle Bernstein knows that she is a big fan of Kundalini yoga and I thought the synchronicity was interesting since it connected some dots from the conversation I’d had with my sister earlier… but then it got weird – even for me. I got to the part in the book where Gaby talks about seeing herself with angel wings in a meditation.

Had I not just received a message about the need to be still to receive your wings?!

I felt too sick to keep reading after that, so I start drifting off with the Kundalini mantra ‘Sa-Ta-Na-Ma’ going through my mind, too weak to even do the hand movements so I imagined doing them instead…

Not sure how long I drifted off for but when I came to my energy had been fully restored and I sensed that my wings were ready to unfurl. I also sensed – or rather knew – that the best type of exercise to strengthen my connection with the Sacred Feminine would be to start practicing Kundalini Yoga.

The synchronicities of the day had been less than subtle and I felt like there really wasn’t a time like the present, so I went downstairs and found myself a Kundalini Yoga video on YouTube and then I signed up for some classes. After completing the YouTube video, I felt almost completely well in myself again.

I still need more time though. It will take time to fully integrate what’s been happening on this Path that I have been on since April – an awakening to the Divine Feminine within. I need time to simply give myself some TLC as well and I finally feel I can do this without guilt or fear that a brief absence from blogging and social media will be the end of my business.

Is anybody surprised that the Ace of Wands from the other day would turn out to be about Shakti rising?

I feel so blessed to finally feel complete and ready to embrace the fullness of the power of the Divine Feminine that belongs to us all… and all in time for the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene on Saturday!

This is an exciting time to be alive, my friends 🙂

So much love!

Lisa Frideborg xo