Spirit is Waiting for You to Make Contact

27 january time for some shamanic guidance

Wednesday (Archangel Raphael/The Magician)

Numerology of the date 27/1/2016 = 1

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo

Today I’m working with the Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle and the Frideborg Tarot (Don’t/left & Do/right).

Dear Empath Friends,

Today is my grandmother’s birthday. Sadly, she died shortly after her birthday, age 72, when I was expecting my firstborn. She never got to see her great-grandchildren. I clearly remember visiting her on her deathbed when I was about 7 months pregnant, back in 1995. She fairly lucid as some get right before they cross over. My sister and I were sat on either side of the bed. I was on her right and I was instinctively stroking her arm (as I have since learned that death doulas do). It was moist to the touch, as her body was shutting down.

She turned to me and said with great certainty, “You will have a boy.”

Then she turned to the corner behind me (her upper righthand corner of the room) and said “Can you see them?” She was smiling blissfully.

I couldn’t, of course, but I was glad she could see her ‘Welcome to the other side party” waiting for her.

Her funeral took place in February, not long after her birth/death day. This is Sweden in mid-winter we’re talking about so it was bitterly cold, the church and graveyard beautifully decorated with snow. As we stepped out of the church building after the service, we huddled together for a while, waiting for the priest to emerge. As we stood there in silence, a yellow butterfly landed in front of our feet. We looked at each other with great disbelief but we took it for what it was… a sign that our grandmother was alive and well on the other side.

I’m sharing this today because someone on the other side has a message for you today and you need to take some time to tune in and listen.

The general energy of the day is one of wanting to spin that globe in the World card, put our finger down and set off on our next adventure. However, there is vital information missing before you can begin your next journey and you need the wise counsel of your spirit guides in order to make sure that you move forward with a plan, rather than a random yearning to have a new experience.

The King of Swords is the most analytical of all the Kings. Here he represents the kind of Spirit counsel we need to take before we begin our next adventure or project. Is there a lack of objectivity? Do we have a solid plan? Are all the safety measures in place?

Your spirit guides want you to succeed on your mission. When was the last time you really listened to them?

Perhaps you feel you don’t know how. Oracle cards and the Tarot can act as portals for crossing the veil. Do take some time to do this today because here you will not find the specific guidance you need now. Your spirit guides, on the other hand, have very specific guidance waiting for you. As you shuffle your cards, ask them for a clear message to come through about your next big adventure.

Ask them for the best way forward and for what you should avoid now. If the answer is not immediately clear to you, based on what the cards show you, you can ask for the guidance to spill over into dreamtime. Make sure that you write down your dream(s) the next morning.

Go forth and shine!