eclipse season musings - heart opening

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eclipse season musings - heart opening

Some of you may have noticed that I have gone a bit quiet lately. I’m feeling nudged to share what is going on since I want to stay close to all of you and transparency is key to that. This eclipse season feels like a complete shedding of anything that no longer serves my most authentic self and we’re only a few days in… It’s blowing me away a bit, so I have to keep moving with this flow which is probably best described as a great big wave of divine joy and mercy. 

This joy is creating a heart chakra expansion of the kind I have not been previously aware was even possible. All my darkest thoughts (yes, many of them are still there) are met with complete acceptance in awareness… and in turn this is causing them to melt away one by one. As I start shedding more and more of my outer layers, things, people and circumstance that are not a vibrational match with the Highest Good are also starting to melt away.

I feel guided to read and meditate more, study more deeply and devote the lion’s share (haha, month of Leo pun!) of my studies to consciousness evolution. Whereas studies of this nature in the past may have been motivated by a personal need for mind liberation, they are now almost entirely motivated by a desire to serve by sharing as much of this knowledge as possible.

The sort of activities that now appear more and more unpalatable to me include frittering time away on social media, watching TV and listening to the ‘news’ – In other words, all the types of things that pull us deeper into the illusion and strip us of our divine power.

Instead, I’m focusing on my intense enjoyment of the little things in life, my home, family, pets and nature with a daily gratitude practice. I’m also nurturing my soul with uplifting music and daily Kundalini Yoga practice. I tell you what, Russel Brand wasn’t far off the truth when he said:

“Kundalini Yoga is the crack cocaine of yoga. If Hatha is a mild weed high, Iyengar is a deep hash glow, and Ashtanga is amphetamine, Kundalini blows the fucking doors off.”
~ Russell Brand

Off and on, I have felt guided to cut alcohol out of my life. This guidance came through strongly once more so I embarked on a 40-day period of abstaining at the time of the New Moon. Numbing my mind with any substance seems crazy, because I know I need all my faculties to be as sharp as possible in order to consciously integrate all the changes happening now.

This does all sound a bit goody two shoes when I read it back… but for now it’s serving me well in the sense that I’m going with the flow of the Eclipse season and the demand for authenticity we are all facing at this time. I don’t know that I’ll never have a glass of wine again but I do know that right now, I really don’t want one. My thirst is for Source and Source alone.

Leo energy is about shining the light of our true heart in the world with a healthy mix of feline confidence, courage and charisma. The eclipse season is happening to help us all shed anything that is obscuring that light.

Sometimes – most of the time, in fact – that light is obscured of thoughts of what we ‘should’ be doing in order to reach our goals instead of having the courage to listen to our heart. Listening to our heart is a process that may take some fine-tuning because many of us have spent most of our lives trying to drown that voice out. Paying attention was simply too painful and/or too risky – or so the ego/monkey mind would have us believe.

Today’s musings on The Moon card talks about how to maintain mental peace and acuity, as well as how to have the courage to face any repressed emotions with detached compassion for release and transformation.

Realising just how much power I have when it comes to making different, more loving choices for myself is making me want to slow down so that I don’t end up making the wrong choices just because I’m rushed and pushing myself to constantly create/achieve. This is a very old pattern with me and one that can be seen in the Enneagram where I’m your typical 3.

My self-talk is changing.

[bctt tweet=”If you truly want to experience miracles, change the way you talk to yourself.” username=”LisaFrideborg”]

I no longer let negative self-talk slip through the net. I simply observe and release, and then counter with loving thoughts. What this has done for me is that it has begun to open up my heart to contain my presence. It is safe to dwell there now and to exactly what extent this is having a positive effect on my relationships I can’t say yet but I already notice subtle differences, mainly in the sense that I enjoy my exchanges with other people on a deeper level.

I either commit fully to being present – in awareness – or I don’t engage. Because sometimes authenticity means walking away. This is different to dissociating which is reactive and something I know all about since it used to be a big part of my PTSD coping mechanism.  dissociating takes you out of the body, whereas choosing to walk away in awareness grounds your energy even more deeply into the body.

How are you experiencing the energy of the eclipse season so far? I would love to hear from you in the comments! I already know I’m not the only one with this mega pull toward 100% authenticity, so I expect to see huge changes, not just in my life but all around me. When we have the courage to align fully with our Higher Self, things do change on all fronts: jobs, relationships, life goals, friendships, locations…

I decided to do a mini reading for myself about where this shift will make itself most known in my own life and for this I’m working with the Astrology Reading Cards (UK Amazon affiliate link):

eclipse reading with the astrology reading cards

So here we have Mercury, which is going retrograde this Eclipse season and which also happens to be my chart ruler in Capricorn (my Sun sign) in the Second House. I expect and already sense a massive shift in how I will communicate what I learn in the future because all of it will have to be aligned with the values of my Highest Self. This will obviously be reflected in my work.

This is bad news for those of you who like for things to stay the same. Luckily for me, unlike when I had to move on from Love Dove Tarot, this time I’m happy to keep this site so you’ll at least know where to find me 🙂 Then again, if you don’t like change, you may not wish to find me after this Eclipse season has come to an end. For those of you who have change as your jam and who are looking to evolve… enjoy the ride!


Lisa Frideborg

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  1. Ah. Is this why I’m becoming increasingly detached from social media?
    However, I’m also quite dissociative. However, I don’t suppose that that will change any time soon.

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  2. I’m also feeling a lot more of all feelings. For quite a long time I haven’t been on facebook more than to look at my daugters photo and I rarely watch Tv. I read and think and like you I have let go of a lot of thoughts from the past. I feel like I am changing into something better one day and the next I can feel totally diffrent. But the day that is hard and I have negative thought I have almost every day been contacted by Archangels that help me see from a diffrent side. At least they say they are for example Aa Ariel, Aa Haniel, Aa Jophiel, Aa Gabriel and Aa Michael. If they are my imagination and higher self I am soo much wiser than I ever thought so…I have had a real hard time to coop with “You are so Strong” and that is a thing Aa Ariel have tried to get me to react diffrent on for an example. So what I am after this rollercoaster eclipse is something I look forward to
    Thank you for sharing and I look forward to see what diffrents we will see at Amgelorum.
    Blessed be and Namaste Jess

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      If you feel yourself to be on an emotional rollercoaster it is absolutely essential to centre yourself in meditation every day to become the Observer of those emotions rather than identify with them. It is draining to feel yourself at the mercy of your emotions… and there really is no need!

  3. I loved reading your post! I didn’t know about the eclipse season, but the past 2 weeks I’ve been SO emotional, connected to my soul connection through my heart chakra like crazy, and just overall feeling very down and sad, like something is amiss. I’ve also been very anxious and worrisome, creating scenarios in my head that upset me! I don’t recall feeling this way for a while but it’s been a downward spiral even though I’ve been trying to keep myself in check and continue my spiritual journey.
    Reading your post, it seems like most of your changes are positive, so I don’t know if that’s what I was experiencing too. Maybe?
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to gaining a new level of authenticity as I’m always striving for that. I plan to meditate and journal all these feelings out in hopes something good comes out of it 🙂 I feel myself snapping out of it a bit the last few days.

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      Hi Stina, thanks for tuning in and sharing about your own energy over the past couple of weeks. The kind of change you describe sounds like the precursor for a big spiritual breakthrough. You said, ‘”Reading your post, it seems like most of your changes are positive” and I have to correct you: not ‘most’ but ALL! It’s all down to setting the intent and being aware that I have the power to choose to keep my vibration high, no matter what… That is the kind of breakthrough I hope you will get too and it can only come through meditation+contemplation. You are not the hapless victim of these energy and you are not your thoughts/emotions. Many Blessings, Lisa

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