what if doubts are healthy

What IF…

what if doubts are healthy

What if doubts are actually healthy and good for our soul’s growth?

What if it turns out you don’t need anyone to teach you how to interact with the Divine. What if you just need to be still and listen…?

What if you are actually worse off taking someone else’s word for your own unique connection with the Divine than just trusting what you receive?

What if most famous people who claim to be experts on spirituality and the divine are just out to manipulate and benefit financially from the doubts and insecurities of others?

What if it is more important to not be a tw*t than having the correct faith/version of the truth?

What if being kind is enough?

What if the best paid spiritual teachers are actually scammers and con artists…?

What if one of the biggest spiritual publishing houses is only fuelled by greed…?

What if ethics don’t matter at all and ‘New Cage’ thinking grooms people to never ever judge a spiritual teacher so that they can (literally) get away with murder…?

What if some spiritual teachers whom we never suspected to be guru material and spiritual dictators or sociopaths actually are just that…?

What if spiritual publishing companies don’t actually print books that truly empower us to ask the right questions but strive do dumb us down and keep us dependent on whatever they publish next?

What if the most spiritually empowering thing you can do today is to go for a walk and hug a tree?

What if religion is always a mix of someone’s inner guidance and sociocultural needs of a region/era? What could we learn from meta studies on religion and spirituality from this perspective?

What if it is a lie that you can and should try to eradicate the ego? Do the spiritual teachers who teach that kind of stuff even know the psychological function of the ego? Or do they maybe just want YOU to eradicate your ego to feed theirs?

What if you need a healthy ego and well-defined personal boundaries in order to frame your spiritual growth in healthy and useful ways?

What if ‘enlightenment’ is just a buzzword? What if what our souls need from us is a lack of fear when it comes to facing the deeper and darker corners of our psyche?

I want to thank the person who commented on my FB page with a question about what spiritual books I could recommend. Truthfully, right now, when I think back on all the stuff I’ve read over the years, I wish I hadn’t wasted my time. I wish someone had asked me the questions above instead. 

My reply to her:

I’m big into staying away from ‘spiritual teachers’ at the moment… This has made me realise I don’t need a teacher or guru (silver lining to every cloud). I’m my own authority. How about becoming YOUR own authority? Why do we feel we need someone else to be an authority on something so unique to each individual as our connection with the divine? (…) Trust your own connect, trust your own connection, trust your own connection.

BEWARE! If your spiritual teacher confuses critical thinking and questioning with ‘judgment,’ fact seeking and discussion with ‘gossip’ and anyone who dares question them with ‘lower energy,’ you are being groomed by that teacher for cult usage.

Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg