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What the World Needs Now… + FREE Eclipse Readings

heart-shaped smoke and incense stick

These are interesting times… I just saw a post in my social media feed that stated that solar eclipses have been accurately predicted since 585 BC, so tomorrow’s eclipse isn’t all that special.

Of course. And solar eclipses existed for billions of years before that. That doesn’t change the fact that they are basically the Universe’s way of handing us a reset button. Exactly what we can do (potential/limitations) depends on other celestial influences at the time, as well as our own willingness to capitalise on the energy of the eclipse – same as for any celestial event that impacts planet Earth.

What’s so special about this eclipse then? On a metaphysical level, the most interesting thing about this eclipse isn’t actually what it means in terms of astrological aspects, where it’s visible (aka North America) or even the fact that it is tied in with the Lions Gate portal energies. To me, as someone who reads energy both of individuals and of global events, the most interesting thing about the 21 August 2017 solar eclipse is the huge buzz it has created. That in and of itself is a sign that humanity is ready for change amidst utter chaos. Because as we know, chaos always precedes transformation and even inevitable change, such as the consciousness evolution of mankind speeds up when we are ready to embrace it.

‘Change or die’ and ‘die to the old self to give room for the new’ are the vibes that many of us are feeling now. As always, before the birth of something new, there is lot of anxiety floating around in the ether. Many empaths and HSP’s I know have felt a need to keep rigid psychic protection protocols during this eclipse season for that very reason. In essence, what we have now on an energetic level is a greater than usual influx of both love and fear energy from sources outside our planet. The reason for this is that mankind is watched over by many types of spiritual beings and entities who all have an interest in what happens next.

However, many deeply caring and sensitive people have also gotten pulled into the drama of global politics to greater levels than usual. Think of duality as a rubber band that is stretched to max… Unfortunately, this type of energy expenditure is not helpful to the planet now. I’m not saying we shouldn’t take action against social injustice but fighting hatred with hatred will never work… and hatred is what my social media has been filled with lately. People who are on the verge of a consciousness breakthrough are better off not indulging in the temptation of becoming keyboard warriors for various causes. It is a waste of energy, now as always… and over the next few days it is a dangerous distraction.

We need to stay focused on LOVE.

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In Vedic astrology (and in many shamanic traditions), eclipses are a time of self-reflection, not a time of taking action in the world. Pray, meditate and contemplate your own role and mission in the world. Release anything that no longer serves that mission.

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The following Solar Eclipse survival tips (except #7) are things we should always be doing but over the next few days, they are more important than ever:

  1. Drink more water – Especially if you are aware of old stuff being released energetically and/or physically.
  2. Get enough sleep/rest – Be kind to yourself. Don’t override your body’s inclination to rest/take a nap if you feel you need it.
  3. Cut down or take a complete news and social media break. This reduces the temptation of getting pulled into 3D drama.
  4. Read spiritual texts and listen to uplifting music/mantras. Feed your soul.
  5. Chant, pray and meditate. Align yourself with Spirit.
  6. Move your body – even better if you can do it outdoors.
  7. Do NOT look directly at the eclipse (not even with protective goggles). This is ancient wisdom – ignore at your own peril.
  8. Radiate unconditional love and blessings out into the world. Reaffirm your intent to be a servant of the Light. The Shift is happening and you can choose to actively be part of it by simply setting the intent.
  9. Be OK with uncertainty and chaos. Find your zero point and keep returning to it in meditation – especially when start feeling panicky about not knowing what is going to happen next. Choose to have faith in the All and the fact that love has already won.

My inner guidance is to offer FREE Solar Eclipse Tarot and Angel Card Readings tomorrow, at the time of the eclipse. I only require a small energy exchange in the form of a FB post share or sharing the linked tweet above. Between 7.30 and 8.30 PM BST tomorrow, 21 August, I will answer as many questions as I can possibly squeeze in.

To take part choose which form of share you will use (feel free to share on both social media platforms!) and then comment below, starting with ‘SHARED’ followed by your question. Feel free to state if you want me to use Tarot or Angel Cards.

You can ask ANY QUESTION – and I mean ANY, including the type of questions I don’t normally allow, because part of my own reset for this Eclipse is to only be a vessel for Divine wisdom to come through.

Eclipse Blessings

Lisa Frideborg