what you love will save you

What You Love Will Save You

love will save you - the hermit and strength from the preraphaelite tarot

I briefly entertained the idea of calling this post ‘Salvation Revisited’ (from a deconstructed point of view) but decided against it. The word salvation is problematic. It infers theological discussion and that you will not find in this post. What you will find here is personal gnosis and what seems to have been a rare download.

The download happened just now on my afternoon walk. Earlier today, I had written some musings around Tyr, the Norse planetary chart ruler for my solar return. The musings also touched on the significance of the Tarot Numerology of 2022 and how this is very much a year of integrating the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine. In this post on my other site, I share that the face of the Divine Masculine still looks very much like Yeshua to me.

The Vine and the Branches

So as I was pondering how I was to achieve making the two one I spoke about in the other post, in terms of harmonising my love for Yeshua (the Wisdom Teacher, not the Jesus of religion) with my love for Norse Mythology, I suddenly found myself communicating with Yeshua. He was telling me the true meaning of the passage from the Gospel of John where he talks about himself as the vine and the disciples as the branches. I asked him how one became grafted onto him, as it were, and also what that meant in terms of ‘salvation.’

I am the Vine, you are the branches. He who continues in me and in whom I continue bears abundant fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.

He explained that it is not about having the right intellectual belief but rather about loving him as a pure channel of divine grace. He went on to explain that when we love someone for their ability to channel grace through, it is what we love that saves us, not the other person. This love activates a process of soul alchemy within us. We are not meant to become co-dependent on someone as our personal saviour.

The Greening Power

Grace from the Sky Father revitalises us. It is grace that is based on compassion and forgiveness. Yeshua’s teachings are very much aimed at teaching us about the need for forgiveness and that it is something we might have to do over and over again. Every time we forgive someone or ourselves, we hit the reset button and are capable of achieving zero-point alignment. That doesn’t mean we automatically will achieve zero-point alignment but is a prerequisite. Resentment is an extremely low vibration that makes it impossible to access any form of healing or revitalising energy.

When Yeshua talks about himself as the vine, he is talking about himself as a bigger (more effective) channel for the greening power of God the Father. But we can all act as channels for this power and we do. The only reason that we do it via Yeshua is that we love what we see in him. And so, what we love saves us. He showed us what it means to completely empty ourselves of ego desires and be filled with the Holy Spirit. He urged us to follow his example.

Adoration of the Holy Face

Something about the adoration of the Holy Face popped up in my feed earlier today. It felt like a sign. Next on the walk, I asked Yeshua if it had been a sign for going deeper into his teachings again. He answered in the affirmative. However, he warned me to not adore the dead face (the Turin Shroud). Instead, he reminded me of the dream I had of him many years ago. In the dream, we connected through the eyes and there was nothing but love.

This kind of resonance is a spontaneous occurrence that happens for souls that wish to evolve on a path of Divine Love. It is a moment of the Divine Sap (or Greening Power) flowing freely, uniting two souls at a deeper level than is possible through mere blood ties.

As a bit of an aside, please consider that the Turin Shroud is most likely a Catholic Church stage prop, just like much of the Bible…

biblical prophecy

…and this is of course why the Christian Church and other organised religions love to hate on UPG. Religion always has been a way of controlling the masses. But it can’t stay that way if we start believing in our own power of direct communication with the Divine.

Yeshua and Freyja

For me, at the moment, Yeshua is still the best representation of the love of the Sky Father. When it comes to the love of the Earth Mother, I’m going with Freyja who seems somewhat embedded in my DNA. I believe Freyja and Frigg were once the same Goddess, though they are now showing up as two different deities in my meditations. But as for worship, when I worship one, I also worship the other.

My goal is to find a way of integrating both paths, both sets of teachings so that they make a whole new Tree of Life. Because, as we know, not even Yggdrasil is eternal. Can I pull this off? Time will tell!

When I think of the forgotten Hebrew Goddess (Ashera) or the pre-Viking cult of Nerthus that was replaced by the more patriarchal Aesir faith, I sense an age of magic, dragons, and elementals mingling freely with mankind in a loving and mutually beneficial exchange of energy. I think this is a paradigm we can bring back now, perhaps at a more evolved level, in the Age of Aquarius aka the Age of the Holy Spirit or the Sixth Sun.

Either way, love is where it’s at if we want humanity to win the war that is waged on us by the Beast right now! What better guides than Freya, the Goddess of Love, and Yeshua who loved the world so much that he gave his life, not as a ‘sin offering,’ but to prove that Divine Love conquers death?


Lisa Frideborg

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