When ‘Spirituality’ Adds Insult to Injury – Post-election Thoughts


Spiritual teachers who run around social media telling everyone how terrified they are that Trump is now the president of the US and how we all should be very worried fail to impress. Why add insult to injury? Yes, America is torn apart and the ripple effect is global but why abandon faith in Love and Truth?

I have had Spiritual Teachers whom I follow on various websites send me their post-election newsletter and, more often than not, I find a long explanation of why we should all run around with our hands over our heads shouting ‘OMG, we’re all going to die!’ – I paraphrase, of course. Some of them are also encouraging wallowing and telling us how we must be understanding of those who grieve at such a serious time in the history of mankind.

There are several reasons why I am utterly unimpressed by all of the above. Let me list a few:

1. ‘Nade te turbe’ is what true faith looks like. You either have faith or you don’t. How can you call yourself a spiritual teacher and NOT have faith? Faith never seeks to inspire more fear and worry, nor does it encourage wallowing. Faith does not disallow an emotional response to something happening in the world. Jesus wept in the garden of GethsemaneBut it always seeks to be a beacon of hope to others, especially if you teach/lead in any capacity. Instead, what I have seen in the past few days are ‘spiritual teachers’ who are almost 100% reactive…
2. The world has always been in turmoil (especially the exploited part of it) and if we choose to look at sources of tyranny and oppression we would always have something to be fearful of… The thing is, we get to choose where we direct our attention. Now, where is that off switch for the TV? Just because media wants us to go into fear mode with it all, we don’t actually have to.
3. The whole point of believing in LOVE (some call it God) is that LOVE does have the power to overcome evil. Why act as if it doesn’t? I’ll tell you why so many people (including many ‘spiritual teachers’) act as if it doesn’t… Because THEY might actually have to sacrifice something and New Age spirituality is all about what ‘the Universe’ can do for you. Hopefully, this will be the wake-up call the world needs to rid itself of self-serving pseudo-spirituality. Ah yes, there is a silver lining. We need a faith that says: “My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass me by. Nevertheless, let it be as you, not I, would have it.” …because this is how we facilitate for grace to rain down from Heaven. 

4. Maximilian Kolbe and what he did during WWII. Look it up if you are not familiar with his story… again, this is what true faith looks like…
5. Being fearful on behalf of the ‘little ones’ that we are all called to protect is also not an excuse to go into full panic mode. Get busy protecting instead! Show your gay friends that you will always stand by their side. Invite your muslim neighbour over for tea. Volunteer. Give more, not less. Media uses fear to manipulate us to all shut down and only socialize online and then only with those who share our exact convictions already. Do you really need a spiritual teachers who encourages the same sort of behaviour as media?

My message to anyone who is in a state of fear or confusion… anyone who feels as if their stress levels are even slightly on the rise because of politics… Centre yourself in love and reach out to someone in need today. Take action rather than being reactive. Choose to stay strong.

Be the hero of your own life journey by improving the life of another person in some small way today. The truth is that none of us belong to ourselves… and if we are completely honest, we will understand that it is the delusion that we are separate from each other that is the true source of any fear and anxiety we may be feeling now.


Blessed Be!