Whistleblowers and Gossips – Tarot Perspectives

Whistleblowing could easily be confused with gossiping or spreading of rumours. Those who are having the whistle blown of them use this confusion to keep their followers, students, cult members or employees in the dark by accusing the whistleblowers of spreading false rumours, gossip or ‘fake news.’ 

An important first step then for anyone wishing to stay informed and use their discernment to full capacity is to understand the difference between whistleblowing and spreading of rumours/gossip.

Let’s start by looking at the official definition of whistleblowing:

A whistleblower (also written as whistle-blower or whistle blower) is a person who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within an organization that is either private or public.

What might whistleblowers or the action of whistleblowing look like in the Tarot?

Perhaps a bit like this:

whistleblowing frideborg tarot and rws tarot

Frideborg Tarot and Centennial PCS Tarot

You will note the absence of the Element of Water. Whistleblowing is done because of a need for justice rather than to satisfy a need for sensationalism.

Gossiping might look a bit like this:

Here we see the Element of Water (Venus in Scorpio) flanked by two Air Element Cards to help spread gossip and rumours born of jealousy through the ether.

If you can get a feel of how different these two energies are to each other, there really is no need for further explanation… but let us be extra clear:

3 Ways Whistleblowers Differ from Gossips

  • Whistleblowing’s main objective is justice for people who have been mistreated, lied to or abused in some way; The main objective of a gossip is to spread rumours to taint the reputation of a rival for personal gain and satisfaction.
  • Whistleblowers stick to the facts because they know only facts can be used in the fight for justice; A gossip doesn’t mind mixing the truth with lies that make their opponent look bad. Think about recent US elections for examples that illustrate this.
  • Whistleblowers risk a lot by speaking up but don’t mind because they ultimately have faith in truth and justice; Gossips spread rumours and lurk in the shadows, careful to not risk their position in society.

Types of Abuse that Whistleblowers in the Spiritual Community Encounter

When a person blows the whistle on a famous spiritual teacher, they have rather a lot to lose in terms of status and reputation. That is because it is usually quite easy for spiritual teachers, gurus and cult leaders to maintain a tight grip on followers already hanging on every word they say. Followers are not likely to even bother fact-checking and cult leaders literally bank on this. This is true in politics but even more so among spiritual folks because the mere notion that their leader is not 100% right all the time is a threat to their own sense of security.

Cult leaders turn followers against anyone raising a voice of dissent or criticism by…

  • Playing the role of the martyr, claiming to be persecuted
  • Accusing whistleblowers of spreading false rumours
  • Claiming that whistleblowers are used by ‘lower energy’ or the devil
  • Accusing whistleblowers of being jealous or envious
  • Getting their followers to protect them against the ‘evil’ dissenters
  • Comparing themselves to Christ, literally embodying the Messiah complex

You can hear several examples from the list above in this ‘Mornings with the Lord’ video by Doreen Virtue. Since the whistle was blown on her good and proper back in August, she has been referring to dissenters as being used by ‘lower energy’ but in this video, she goes one step further and outright says they are being used by the Devil. Yep, she used the D-word.

All the while, those who have voiced (and keep voicing) their criticism have done so by sticking to the facts. I guess you have to ask yourself why a millionaire who claims ‘false rumours’ doesn’t sue… Could it be because what the whistleblowers say is true?

In the Tarot, the Wheel of Fortune teaches us that what goes around comes around. It also teaches us in Judgement that one day – maybe afer we die – we will be held accountable. That is why whistleblowers with their ear to the ground and faith in Universal Intelligence will continue to do what they do – they see the bigger picture and that picture is always going to count for more than their own reputation. That is also why they don’t go into martyr/victim mode when they are hounded for doing the right thing.

The Tarot teaches us the importance of facing our own Shadow. This work is done in the archetypal spaces of The Hanged Man, Death, The Devil, The Moon and Judgement. When we continue to hold ourselves accountable, we need not fear others doing it for us. Nor are we tempted to project ‘lower energy,’ ‘the Devil’ or ‘the Enemy’ onto others, or claim other people are being used by Satanic forces when they are in opposition to the work we do.

Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg