why christians fear the tarot

Why Christians Fear the Tarot

why do christians fear the tarot

Yesterday, while checking stats for my blog, I found that somebody had surfed in from a direct link to one of my posts from a site I’d never heard of before. The site is called Circle of Hope and the article by Rod White is titled Tarot: Is your reading leading you to Jesus?.

The context for linking to my site was as follows:

“Some see it as empowering for traditionally disempowered Christian women. Which is why it can feel both personal and political to turn to something as frivolous-seeming as tarot cards.”

At first, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I mean, if the Tarot has done anything for me it is because it is the antithesis of frivoulous, acting as the mirror of the soul and indeed acting to empower me, thanks to allowing me to see more clearly.

The author of the article on the Christian site is obviously seeking to belittle me and what I stand for (Look at this silly woman!)… but who am I to complain when his article is boosting my SEO and having people who would never have thought to look for my work surf in on my page?!

It never felt political to me to turn to the Tarot as a 15-year old back in the mid 1980’s. It was just something I was naturally drawn to, just like I was drawn to poetry and dancing.

The question we all have to ask ourselves (and not just as Tarot readers) is why do so many Christians go to such lengths to denounce the Tarot?

I’m thinking especially of ex New Age converts to Christianity…

Again, we have to ask ourselves… why Tarot? Why not crystals or unicorns or sage?

The truth is of course that the Tarot is incredibly powerful in terms of connecting us to our ability to read the world around us in the only language the soul actually speaks, i.e. symbols.

The Tarot is not only a lexicon for all the symbols we need to communicate effectively with and through our soul; it offers a system of interpretation that makes it possible to peek around the corner for upcoming events. Yes, I’m talking about fortune-telling, which is only one of the many usages of the Tarot.

Ever since the Christian Church married the State, it seems like much of the agenda has been to disempower people as much as possible, so that they can control our possessions. The funny thing is, there is nothing less Christ-like than this behaviour. I still (though I no longer label myself Christian) have nothing but respect for Christ’s teachings which shine through in their unpolluted form in the Gospels of Mary Magdalene and Thomas.

Since Christian symbology has played a huge part in shaping the psyche and destiny of mankind during the past two thousand years, it comes as no surprise that many Tarot decks are full of Christian symbols. This is no doubt extremely unsettling to Christians who can’t deny the powerful impact the visual language of the Tarot has on them.

I’m thinking of ‘The Devil’ in particular — that paragon of duality that Christianity imposed on us all. Seeing him staring back at you if you actually believe he is real can’t be much fun!

Christians fear the Tarot because it points at truths that go much deeper than man-made religion. In fact, these truths go so deep that attempts have been made to form a Prisca theologia based on the Tarot. The Tarot helps us re-member who we are, how deep our roots reach and what dizzying heights our souls are capable of reaching when we set out on the Fool’s Journey in conscious awareness.

So yes, be afraid… be very afraid!

Lisa Frideborg