You Owe Me Nothing

28 January Spiritual Guidance

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

“You owe me.”

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.”

~ Hafiz

Thursday (Archangel Sachiel)

Numerology of the date 28/1/2016 = 2

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo until 14.59 GMT when it enters Libra

Today I’m working with the Mythic Oracle and the Archangel Power Tarot (Don’t/left & Do/right).

Dear Earth Angels,

The guidance we have today is to look at any area of our lives where we feel another person, group of people, nation or even life itself owes us more than our allotted share.

The opposite of humility isn’t pride. We have ‘Humility’ from the Mythic Oracle as the spiritual lesson of the day and The Sun from the Archangel Power Tarot in the ‘Do’ position to highlight this. The Sun can be a card of personal pride… but here it is highlighted in the positive sense, without the sense of entitlement which is the mark of a person who lacks humility.

The Nine of Gabriel corresponds with the 9 of Wands in the traditional Tarot and can be a sign that we need to let go of defensiveness… In particular the kind of defensiveness which comes from feeling as we have been treated unfairly and that someone still  owes us. It is too heavy burden to bear. Let to of it now.

Replace feelings of mistrust with the warm glow of the Sun. You have all you need, right here, right now. Because you are human and were given all you needed, body and soul, at birth. You are also completely divine… and so is everybody else.

You are not here for what you can get; You are here to give your life in service for mankind. This is what it means to an Earth Angel and a Lightworker.

If you believe you can’t start properly on your path of service because you feel you are still owed something… (a partner, money to study, 100% perfect health etc), you are deluding yourself.

My first sense of having a calling came via a psalm in the Swedish church hymnal. It is called ‘Nu tändas tusen juleljus’ (transl. 1,000 Christmas Candles are Being Lit). I was about five years old when we had to learn how to sing it by heart at pre-school. There is a line in that psalm which roughly translates to ‘into each sad and dark heart, please send a ray of light.’ These were the words that helped me understand at a very tender age that my existence had a reason.

And these were the words that were playing over and over in my mind before I even laid the cards out this morning, which is why I feel I wanted to share this with you. This is what we are all here to do… to send a ray of light into each heart darkened by despair and sadness. And the good news is, as Anne Frank would put it:

‘How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.’

Call on Archangel Michael now, for help with cutting the energetic chains you have created with your sense of entitlement. Free yourself and understand that you have all you need to make a difference in the world inside your own heart.

Use citrine if you struggle with negative thoughts about yourself and other people. Spend time outside, in the sunshine, today and remind yourself of the quote by Hafiz at the top of the post.


Go forth and shine!