22 Things I Love About Being A Lightworking Witch

lightworking witch

‘The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.’ 
~ Margot Adler

I have not always labelled myself a witch… but I have always known that I was different, that I had been here before and that my soul could exist outside my physical body. My spiritual search to embody these truths on some sort of path that would allow me to practise what I knew I was here to do took me via the Christian faith and New Age beliefs until I realised I was an eclectic, lightworking witch in my early 30’s.

The Major Arcana of the Tarot embodies deep spiritual truth and forms a Path in its own right. It just so happens that this path is a perfect fit for a witch… So here are 22 things I love about being a Witch, mirrored in the 22 Keys of the Trumps:

The Fool – Freedom to explore my full potential, including the gifts of Spirit

The Magician – Having access to a great and varied toolkit and honing my skills in using these tools

The High Priestess – Going within to find worlds within worlds… being a reflection of Divine Light and Wisdom

The Empress – Using my creativity and the gifts of Mother Nature in creating spells and rituals

The Emperor – Understanding the underlying structures and principles which govern magick

The Hierophant – The rich and ancient tradition of the Craft

The Lovers – Forming partnerships with deities, angels and spirit guides

The Chariot – Harnessing the full power and potential of Will

Strength – Learning that kindness creates the most powerful Magick

The Hermit – Embodying the Goddess and never feeling alone when I am on my own

The Wheel of Fortune – Seeing the signs foretelling major opportunities that are coming my way

Justice – Understanding how I can create my own opportunities by balancing understanding with right action

The Hanged Man – Acceptance and surrender during the Dark Night of the Soul that is often part of my ongoing journey of initiation

Death – Knowing that death is not to be feared but embraced

Temperance – The vision being strengthened every time I am proactive rather than reactive – ‘As without, so within’

The Devil – Knowing that Shadow is not to be feared but embraced

The Tower – Those moments when all you thought was real is destroyed so that you know your soul can’t be destroyed… lovin’ it!

The Star – My knowledge of things unseen inspires me every step of the way, as do my witchy friends

The Moon – When my Shadow haunts me in dreamtime, I wake up full of curiousity about the meaning

The Sun – When I own the fact I am a witch, I feel empowered and confident

Judgement – I make all my life-changing decisions in light of my Path and don’t have to sweat the small stuff

The World – I have been here before but I’m hoping to be done this time. For all the freedom, there are also some very necessary limitations here in Earth School… and thanks to a powerful OBE, I already know how much better off I am without them. But until I get to sign off permanently, I will enjoy being a lightworking witch.

What do YOU love about being a witch? It doesn’t matter which witchy Path you are on… I want to know! That’s right, I’m tagging you and I want to hear from you in the comments (link to a blog post or video if you like!).

Brightest Blessings,

~ Lisa Frideborg