7 Ways to Harness the Power of the Gemini New Moon

Gemini New Moon June 2016

7 Things to Do on the Gemini New Moon

Dedicate yourself to your Path and the guidance of your Angels and Spirit Guides. It is very important that you form a ritual and decorate the altar in away that is personal to you, so I will refrain from making many suggestions. Allow your inner planes communication to guide you with regards to which tools, candles, crystals etc to use. Perhaps you are on a ‘no tools’ path and just wish to spend some time peacefully attuning in nature before you make your self-dedication. You will know which!

Open up to channel beings on higher planes of existence. If you are new to this, make sure you to set proper psychic protection in place and only invite beings of light and love to come through.

Invite friends around for a spiritual healing circle or to just discuss what is happening now on every level of your lives. Don’t be afraid to go a bit deeper than usual as the need is there for many of us right now.

Get a Life Purpose reading or do one for yourself. Many of us feel an overwhelming need for change right now and with the celestial influences being what they are, chances are that this urge is spirit-guided ‘divine restlessness.’

Connect with kindred spirits in real life or online for a New Moon Blessing Ritual. There are usually a few events happening on Facebook for those of you who can’t find people locally to meet up with… but don’t be shy – organise a real-life event yourself. You might be surprised when you realise how many people are actually interested right where you live!

Cast a physical healing spell for shoulder, arm, hand or lungs. Invoke the assistance of Archangel Raphael. Use a green candle for healing. If it is a condition that would benefit from massage, you could charge your massage oil up with healing energy.

Cast a spell or create a vision board to help you get that book written. Again, invoke the assistance of Archangel Raphael. Use a yellow candle for inspiration and the ability to organise your thoughts to get the job done. You can also invoke the assistance of Archangel Sachiel (Ruler of Jupiter, which will be squaring the New Moon). In the latter case, you would use an indigo candle. Charge a lapis lazuli crystal for mental clarity and success.

Blessed Be! )O(

Lisa Frideborg

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  1. Hi Lisa I have just completed the life purpose spread – just need some help with seven of swords being overall mission?? (life path emperor/fool, destiny Lovers, align ace swords, source of support hermit talent develop queen of wands and avoid hanged man) any comments would be appreciated as I am really at a loss here…

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      Sorry, I replied yesterday but I can’t see my reply here anywhere… As synchronicity would have it another lady had the exact same card show up for the exact same card position. I replied to her question under the life purpose spread, so please check back there!

      1. Thank you! I also had the thought spring to mind of leaving the rat race for the seven of swords – linked with the fool more bohemian …

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