Aries Full Moon

7 October, 2006. It is Saturday , the moon stands in the zodiac sign Aries , Full Moon at around 4:14

Here are some influencing powers of the day: element is fire, apparatus sense organs, quality of the day warmth day, part of plant fruit, body zone: nose, eyes, brain, head, color: red, complementary color: yellow/blue

CARD OF THE DAY – Holy Water from The Wicca Pack

Sally Morningstar says, “(…) Consider whether you are in need of a cleansing. This will most probably have been been caused by demands on your time and energy that have left you drained and de-energized. Emotions are also highlighted, as she tries to get you to pay attention to what you presently need (…)

Cleansing provides a clear space for change.”

Personal notes

I have felt very drained lately… and much older than my 36 earth years. Cleansing by fire, by water and by the light of the beautiful Aries full moon will re-energize me. Yes, there is aggression in the air today, but there is also inspiration for a fresh start in a lot of different areas in my life. Out with the old and in with the new! I will light a red candle tonight. My new crystal ball will have it’s first full moon bath.

The rain finally stopped so I got some gardening done in the morning. Also got hubby to clean the windows, which I found out is not recommended today according to the moon sign calendar – oh well… it still looks a lot better than it did before they were cleaned. 🙂

My 4-year old is very much affected by the Aries full moon. Normally she is quiet and loves drawing, reading, singing and watching TV. Today she’s been running around all day. Her dad finally decided to put some music on for her to get her dancing and let some steem off that way – jolly good idea!