Embodying the Elements with Magickal Movements

Any student of Healing, Magick, Astrology and the Tarot needs to become intimately familiar with the four classical Elements represented by the four tools on the Magician’s table in the image above. There is plenty of literature that will describe the Elements but would you get to know nature by reading about it? No, you would go for a walk, smell the flowers, catch a snowflake on your tongue, dip your hands into the cool stream and feel the soft grass or warm sand under your feet.
Pentacle with the Five Elements

The elements of creation are Fire, Water, Air and Earth. There is also a fifth element, Aether, which binds all the other elements together and is represented by the top point of the Pentagram. Aether is what the Magician channels through his uplifted wand to arrange the Elements according to his desire. If the Magician’s desire is aligned with Higher Will, the process is smooth and the result swift. There will also be signs confirming that his objectives will be achieved very soon after the intention is set and the Magick has been performed.

The Tarot Reader who uses her gift to serve humanity and who has fully embodied the Elements will be a clear channel for divine messages that will help the Seeker to move onwards and upwards on her Life Path.

The primary correspondences for the four elements are the four main directions of the compass. These are also the four quarter points from which the Elements are called during magickal workings. The four quarter points each correspond to one of the Tarot suits, represented by the four magickal tools on the Magician’s table:

East – Air – Swords
South – Fire – Wands
West – Water – Cups
North – Earth – Pentacles

I could provide you with a table of elemental correspondences here to feed your mind (there are plenty about on the Internet and in esoteric books), but a more intuitive way of getting to know the elements is to stand in the middle of a circle which you mark with a rope, candles, pine cones or crystals. It’s also perfectly fine to use an energy perimeter that you create in your mind. The circle can be as small or large as you choose. You might need to keep it small if you are working in your living room, but feel free to spread out if you are working in a garden or field.

Start by taking a few deep breaths to centre yourself and become fully present in your body. Take a step toward the eastern quarter and try to sense the element Air with all your being. Just observe what comes to you; don’t conjure anything. Once you start receiving impressions of colour, temperature, touch etc, see if you can translate these into movement that expresses the quality of the element Air.

Once you’ve completed your magickal movement sequence, commit it to memory and step back into the middle of the circle. Turning clockwise to the South, step forward and see what you can sense/express for the Fire element.

By the end of this exercise you will have four magickal movements which will help you balance the Elements. These four movements can also be used when casting your circle before any spellcasting.

These magickal movements are tools that you always have with you unlike the magickal tools placed on the table in front of the Magician. The four magickal movements are even more powerful than the Wand, Cup, Sword and Pentacle. You become a direct channel for each Element when you perform them and you can perform them anywhere, whenever you need to. If you need to be discreet about it, you can translate the full body movement into a hand mudra, using only small finger and hand movements.

For instance, if your birth chart is low on Fire, you might like to perform your magickal movement before you perform any task that calls on you to access your inner Fire, such as teaching or trying something new. Or let’s say that you have to sit down and write a long report for your French Literature class. Performing your Air mudra is guaranteed to blow the cobwebs off your mind and help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Remember to centre yourself with a few deep breaths before performing your magickal movement.

Blessed be!