A Holistic Love Tarot Spell

a holistic love tarot spell for new love

Let’s kick off the Month of Love with some Love Tarot Magick!

If you wonder what tarot love magick has to do with holistic tarot, you need to understand that holism addresses the wellbeing of a person based on their whole life situation. To many of us, bad relationships (or the lack of a relationship) are major sources of stress that cause energetic misalignment and dis-ease.

The tarot is the tool par excellence for creating energetic alignment and restoring balance and harmony to relationships – including the relationship with Self. It is only when we are in harmony with Self that we are able to attract a partner with whom we will experience harmony.

This Love Tarot spell is for single persons who wish to manifest a new love relationship. You will choose three tarot cards from the tarot deck of your choice. Each of the three cards represent qualities that you wish for in a mate.

Choose the first card from the Major Arcana to represent the spiritual quality you most desire in your beloved. Here, for a sample spell, I have chosen The World (Saturn/Archangel Cassiel), as the spiritual quality I most admire in a person is the ability to overcome self-imposed limitations.

The second card is chosen from the Court Cards. This represents the kind of personality traits that turn you own. I have chosen the visionary King of Wands (Fire of Fire/Sagittarius/Archangel Sachiel), someone who has the ability to inspire others and isn’t afraid to lead the way.

The third card represents a way of relating to others that you admire and would like to see in your beloved. This card is chosen among the Minor Arcana cards. I have chosen the Ace of Cups (Water/Archangel Gabriel) as it promises both self-sufficiency, in the sense of having connected with their own source of joy within, as well as an abundance of love to share with others.

a holistic love tarot spell with the frideborg tarot
Now, here’s the holistic twist to this love spell: These qualities are what you need to bring into your own energy field and integrate with your other qualities so that you can create an energetic resonance with the kind of partner you seek.

Prepare as you normally would for spell casting. A minimum is to ground, centre and ask Spirit for protection. A Friday (ruled by Venus) on a waxing or full moon would be a good time to perform this spell. If you work with scents, candles and crystals to strengthen the intent, I recommend Rose essential oil, a pink candle and rose quartz or rhodochrosite.

Start with the Major Arcana card. Hold it in your hands in front of you. Focus on the image and your intent to integrate this spiritual quality. Breathe in this quality through your nose while gazing at the card and breathe out through your mouth with the intent your breath to connecting you fully to the energy of the card you have chosen.

Repeat the full cycle of breath six more times. Allow your breath to return to normal for a minute while you continue to softly gaze at the card. Visualize the image and the desired quality moving into and radiating out from your heart chakra.

Do the same with the other two cards. When working with the Court Card, you need to focus on one or two personality traits that you most desire and associate with that particular courtier.

Place the cards (or photo copies of them) in a place where you can see them daily. Take a couple of deep breaths to fix the energies of these cards in your heart every time you are reminded of them and give thanks that you are about meet the man or woman of your dreams. The more you affirm to yourself that you now possess the qualities symbolised by these cards by acting as if they are apart of you, the quicker you will begin to attract people who resonate with these energies.

Now when you meet the One, you will know that you meet because there is resonance and harmony between you rather than a need for you to be together in order to feel complete.

“Healthy relationships are based on the passion and excitement of sharing the journey into becoming a whole person.”
– Shakti Gawain

Blessed Be!