A Pentacle Blessing

pentacle from the wicca pack by sally morningstar

My First Blog Post – A Pentacle Blessing

It is Saturday, the moon stands in the zodiac sign Capricorn , waxing (1st Quater) Saturn is the ruler of both Capricorn and Saturday.

Well, I’m a Capricorn, and it’s always good to start something during a waxing moon, so here goes…

My intention is for this blog to be my online journal, where I keep track of my daily tarot/oracle card meditations, metaphysical learning, reading, dreams, awakenings, spiritual emergencies, spells, herbal remedies etc.

Maybe I’ll be the only one who reads what I write here – that’s fine…



Vibration: The elements
Keywords: Evocation, manifestation, protection

The pentacle is the sacred symbol of witchcraft. Each point of the star represents an element, the uppermost point aspiring to spirit. The pentacle is representative of the earth element in sacred ceremonies and is used with candle magic to “earth” wishes and dreams. The pentacle is, above all, protective and is worn to draw in the ways of the wise.

Meaning: Pentacle reveals the need to believe in yourself. A child of nature by heart, you have a reverence for the old ways. Remember your ancient gifts and live in harmony. Pentacle can reveal the need to balance your energies and to maintain sacredness in all that you do. Protection may also be required. Studying, remembering, and application of knowledge are highlighted with this card.

Magical exercise – Making a pentagram

Make a pentagram (a pentacle surrounded by a circle) out of clay, decorating it with signs and symbols that have persoanl meaning. Alternatively, you could make a pentagram in the form of a hoop of protection.

Fire: Creativity, anger, ego, compassion
Air: Communication, travel, change
Earth: Material and physical needs
Water: Healing, relationships, love
Spirit: Soul, purpose, life direction

Personal notes: It feels appropriate that the Pentacle card popped up today. It is a card of learning, and this is a way for me to structure my learning and my thoughts. I also feel that Pentacle is a special blessing from Spirit for this Blog.