A Simple Ostara Egg Spell

Ostara Egg Spell

Ostara is just around the corner so I thought I’d share my favourite Ostara egg spell. This spell is so simple that you can do together with your kids! It is worth getting up early to greet the first rays of the sun on the morning of the Spring Equinox. This is obviously weather dependent, as is the picnic for the occasion, but fingers crossed for some nice weather this year. I think we deserve it after having to deal with the ‘Beast from the East.’ 

Supplies for the Ostara Egg Spell

  • A boiled egg (natural or coloured)
  • A pen
  • A spade
  • A seed (plant of your choice)
  • Some water
  • The rays of the sun on the morning of Ostara 🙂

If you want to manifest new love, you may wish to dye your egg pink before writing your wish on it. If your desire is for peace, simply leave it white. If you want to manifest financial abundance, dye the egg green. For more creative mojo, go for orange and for better communication choose yellow. Blue is the colour to choose if you wish for success in legal matters or increased wisdom. Choose red for passion spells and brown for spells to help you ground and feel secure.

New to colouring eggs? Check out this YouTube tutorial or read about it HERE.

Alternatively, you can use the corresponding colour pen on the egg rather than dyeing the egg. You can write a simple sentence or fill the whole egg with a poem. You can replace the words with a sigil. It’s your spell so fill your boots – You’ve got the power!

Choose a sunny spot to bury your egg and dig deep enough so that you can cover the egg with a bit of soil and plant your chosen seed above it at the right depth for the type of seed you chose. Cover the seed and water as required. It is done!

I’ve done this spell a couple of times in the company of friends and kids. It is such a fun way to mark the date and set good intentions for the spring & summer.

Bonus Tip 1: The Tarot card I associate with Ostara is The Empress, corresponding with Venus. Including the Venus symbol depicted on her shield strengthens your Ostara egg spell for new/renewed love.

Bonus Tip 2: Washing your face with the dew of primroses on Ostara morning is a simple way to ensure a radiant glow.

The Empress Ostara Egg Spell

Spring Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

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      Hi Kathy, yes but you need to wait six months since this is specific to the Spring Equinox 🙂 Eggs = Spring/Ostara universally… So it’s Autumn/Mabon coming up for you and I’m sure you can find plenty of Season appropriate spells if you google Mabon + magic <3

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