Taurus New Moon Manifestation Magic

Taurus 1200

First of all, the Moon is ‘exalted’ in Taurus and that is exactly as positive as it sounds. But there is more to add to this potent magical mix that is our upcoming New Moon which happens at exactly 20:29 GMT on Friday. It’s a Venusian New Moon (Taurus), happening on a Venus day (Friday) and an 11 day (portal for manifestation). This New Moon is also supported by a grand trine in Earth. It is likely that a manifestation opportunity such as this will not come along in quite a while!

‘So what can I do about it? How can I harness the power of this lunation for manifestation?’

I’m so glad you asked! There are a couple of retrogrades to take into consideration (Mars and Mercury), which is why I will list three tips beginning with ‘re-.’ Retrogrades are a time for going back over old lessons and looking within.

Revisit the past. Your focused intent  must come from a deep understanding of what has gone before. Have you learned from your past mistakes when it comes to manifesting? If not, the days of the waning Moon, leading up to Friday is a great time to revisit past lessons and make sure that you are on track by releasing any negative thought patterns and energetic blocks to abundance.

Reconnect with nature. Spend as much time as possible outside. The best teacher in Abundance is Nature herself. The month of May is said to belong to fairies in the Northern Hemisphere. Show them your love and gratitude by leaving them gifts, pick up litter (rubbish to you Americans) and ask them to help you if you wish some assistance from the Elementals. Creating a sense of connection with the Elemental realm is a must if you wish to lead an enchanted life where manifestation flows effortlessly from the heart.

Restore faith in your innate ability to manifest intuitively. You don’t have to follow anybody else’s recipe or perform a ritual exactly the way someone else has written it down. It is by restoring faith your own ability to manifest the right rites (wording, symbols to use etc) that you truly empower yourself to become a Master Manifestor. Perhaps you are the kind of person who manifests best with the help of a really elaborate ritual, complete with observing the correct planetary hour… Or maybe you are like my sister (double Taurean) who will see something and start thinking ‘It’s mine,’ which it inevitably is a short while thereafter.

Either way, your way is the right way. You just need to have confidence in your own inner guidance.

Have followed the advice above? Great! Now we can talk about what you can actually manifest this New Moon:

  • Better health
  • A new job
  • Success for any creative ventures
  • A new lover
  • Beauty
  • A windfall
  • A baby
  • A new home
  • A beautiful singing voice
  • Improved love life

The list goes on… The point I’m trying to make is that you can manifest anything you desire this New Moon, if (of course) it is for the Highest Good of All. But you have to choose one.

For health spells, it is particularly auspicious to focus on anything to do with the neck, throat and ears.

For those of you who work with the Angels, the Archangel to call on is Anael, ruler of Venus.

The proximity to Beltane and the great, rich blessing of Venus on this lunation makes it the New Moon of the year for love & romance spells.

But the Earth trine also makes this lunation excellent for money spells… What to choose?

If you find it difficult to focus your intent on just one of the things I have mentioned, go for a walk, sit down with your back against a tree and allow yourself to start daydreaming… What springs to mind? Where your thought energy wanders when you are not having to focus on anything in particular is where your heart lies and your heart does have to be in it for the spell to be effective… so allow yourself to dream and drem BIG over the next few days.

Once you have decided on which spell to cast, you can use the Magick Working Tarot Spread for further information and ideas.

Lunar Blessings )O(