Thyme for Some Magick

flowering thyme


Have you ever tried crushing some thyme leaves between your fingers and inhaled the aroma? Then you will know how wonderful it makes you feel! Thyme is also a wonderful herb to mix in with your root vegetables and a bit of olive oil when roasting them in the oven. The herb will make your veggies taste heavenly and your kitchen smell like something out of Master Chef.

But thyme is so much more than a mood booster or seasoning… Below you will find 7 health benefits and 7 magickal properties for this little miracle worker!


* Clears chest congestion (use with eucalyptus and peppermint)
* Heals fungal infections (use with tea tree oil)
* Lowers blood pressure
* Boosts your immune system
* Gets rid of household mold (with clove oil)
* Kills the MRSA super bug
* Antiviral (use to treat herpes etc)


* Corresponds with the planet Venus
* Can be used in love spells
* Opens a portal to the faery realm
* Excellent to use for spells cast to raise courage
* Use in your bath for cutting ties to the past
* Smudging your home to banish all evil
* Can be used in abundance spells

health benefits and magickal properties of thyme


~ Lisa