How Making One Small Change Can Change Your Life

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Have you ever wondered why you are stuck with the same crappy relationship patterns and that job you hate? Have you wondered why you can’t seem to get ahead, lose that last half stone or break habits that you know are destructive to your health and wellbeing?

All it takes is one small change.

And there has never been a better time. A New Moon Solar Eclipse is a chance to hit the reboot button and start up again with the latest software updates. The eclipse happened in the wee hours of the morning but the effects are lingering… so what are you waiting for? Where do you want to be one year from now?

Opening up to change and transformation in any area of your life will have a positive knock-on effect on other areas. It’s all about building momentum and overcoming your fear of the unknown. Most of us go through life in a state of being half sleep, keeping firmly within the boundaries of our comfort zone and wonder why we can’t have what those who are truly successful have… The secret to their success is that they don’t let the boundaries of their comfort zone define their lives; taking action on their DREAMS (often far beyond those boundaries) is what defines their lives.

When you commit to making just one positive change, you start building momentum. You have challenged the status quo. The boundaries are being pushed. You experience success and you realise that success is possible in other areas too.

I created the 30 Day Holistic Change Challenge so that you would feel supported taking that first step toward the Life you signed up for. I decided to make this 73 page eBook affordable for everyone and it is now available for instant download below at the silly little price of 99 pence (just over a dollar in USD).

Can you not just go ahead and make that small change without commiting to a 30 Day Challenge? Of course you can, but most of us only make half-hearted commitments to change and after a couple of days shrug our shoulders and go ‘Ah well, I guess that wasn’t my cup of tea.’ This is one of the many reasons New Year’s resolutions fail. If you sign up for a limited-in time program such as a 30 Day challenge, you are much more likely to stick with it. Anyone can do thirty days, right? You’ll be surprised how much more change you feel hungry for when you have conquered the 30 days of your initial challenge…

This eBook address every area of your life with a bit of help from ancient Tarot wisdom and primes you for future changes that you may wish to implement. You will come out on the other side with a whole new understanding of the process of transformation.

You didn’t sign up for a life controlled by fear and lack of confidence. You signed up for making a difference when you decided to incarnate on Earth this time around.

And you are supported. Once you open up to positive change, the Universe conspires to help!



* You gain momentum for more positive change

* You start redefining yourself as someone who is in charge of their own wellbeing

* You start seeing possibilities instead of limitations

* You feel inspired and this is contagious – expect people to ask you what your secret is!

* Your confidence levels go up

* Your pulling power increases

* You begin to feel intensely ALIVE


Is the time for change NOW? You betcha!

Holistic Change Challenge cover

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Blessed Be!