Valentine's Day 2020 Pick-a-Pile Tarot Readings

2020 Vday Pick-a-Pile Love Tarot Readings

2020 Vday Pick-a-Pile Love Tarot Readings

With Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow, Friday (Yay, Freya’s Day – perfect for romance!), it would be remiss of me to not offer a pick-a-pile reading for love and relationships. These romance Tarot and oracle card pick-a-pile readings cover spring 2020 (autumn if you are down under).

We are working with the Alphabet for Lovers Oracle and Tarot the Complete Kit*** from Running Press.

Please take a moment to relax and let go of any tension. Connect intuitively with the three piles in the picture above and ask your Guardian Angel/Higher Self to help you select the relevant pile for you.

If you are guided to these readings, you will find resonance in the reading you choose for yourself but please bear in mind that for general readings, certain aspects will resonate more than others.

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Pile 1

Pile 1 Love Tarot Readings Vday 2020

For singles: You are ready for a new romantic adventure and it is very likely you will have one or more this spring but though at least one of the is with a soul mate, it is likely to be more of a soul contract to resolve karma than to settle down in marriage or to start a family. You will meet someone whom you will feel protective of and almost as if you owe them something. It is entirely possible that this the case in a karmic sense. Giving without expecting anything in return will rebalance the scales and the situation will dissolve naturally once the karmic balance has been restored. You will come away with a deeper insight into your own nature and better prepared to give your best in future relationships thanks to this brief but intense relationship.

For coupled people: The relationship you are currently in may not seem fair and you could be thinking about leaving because of this. You are most likely the giver in this relationship and could feel as if you are being used in some way by your partner. Think about what you have given so far and try to understand why you felt compelled to give so much when so little was coming back to you from the other person. There is an important lesson to learn here and it’s not about blame! It is likely that you will be ready to move on from this relationship before the end of spring.

Pile 2

Pile 2 Love Tarot Readings Vday 2020

For singles: If you are truly ready and willing to put yourself out there, it is likely that you will meet a suitable partner this spring. All the surrounding Sword cards hint at Internet dating being the best way forward for connecting with the Right One, i.e. someone with whom you have great intellectual compatibility and (just as important) good banter.  Look out for someone who has been through some difficulties already because it is in overcoming some of life’s tough lessons that this person will have been shaped into someone with keen perceptive abilities and more emotional maturity than the average person of the same age. Don’t be afraid to let your sensitive / receptive qualities shine through with this person – They will appreciate them!

For coupled persons: You are with the Right One! You have the right balance in this relationship and are what could be classed as ‘interdependent.’ You both genuinely care about each other and both of you feel supported in this relationship. One or both of you could have faced quite severe difficulties in early life which have served to make you more compassionate – something your other half truly appreciates about you! The only problem right now is that you seem a bit stuck in a rut, so it’s time to spice things up and surprise your partner with something this Valentine’s Day weekend!

Pile 3

Pile 3 Love Tarot Readings Vday 2020

For singles: You are likely to meet someone with whom you can have a deep, rewarding, dynamic and lasting relationship. In fact, you may already know this person even though you have not spoken of commitment yet. Talk of commitment is definitely on the cards this spring! It is also possible that this is the person you will start a family with. This is a fertile period for you, so if children are not wanted at this point in time, please protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies. However, this relationship could be fertile beyond the realm of children as well and in that case it is all down to shared ideals and a shared vision which could see you travel quite a bit with your future love. The key to connecting with this person if you haven’t already is definitely to stay true to your highest humanitarian ideals.

For coupled persons: You are in a calm, harmonious (mostly) and stable relationship and part of the success of this relationship is that one of you spends quite a lot of time away from home or is preoccupied with matters that are of humanitarian significance. Neither of you have a tendency to sweat the small stuff or play the blame game. You often sacrifice day-to-day comforts for higher ideals and though you are mostly okay with this because of your shared values, you sometimes wish you could have more romance and comfort in the relationship. This weekend is the perfect time to bring the focus back on romance in your relationship, even though both of you probably feel that Vday is a pretty silly Hallmark holiday. Do it anyway because fuck it, isn’t life too short for anything else?

Vday Blessings!

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