Pluto Rx Conjunct Saturn Tarot Spread Advanced

A Pluto Rx Conjunct Saturn Astrological Tarot Spread for Advanced Students

Please be advised that the astrological Tarot spread below is for ADVANCED Tarot students. If you are new to the concept of planetary Tarot correspondences, please read this article first!

Pluto went retrograde yesterday and is lately also widely conjunct Saturn in Capricorn – a conjunction that will be exact in January 2020 (on my 50th birthday!) and is of great interest to Astrologers world-wide. Google it and you will see why!

But today we are not going to read on this future event or what it might mean to the environment and future life on the planet (though I an extremely curious about that too). Instead we are going to focus on the current Pluto retrograde which began yesterday, 24 April, 2020, and is lasting until 3 October, 2020.

Pluto is a planet of transformation, as well as passion and everything we want to hide from the world out of guilt or shame. Pluto is the modern planetary ruler of the Zodiac sign Scorpio. In the Tarot, Pluto corresponds with Judgement, so the first thing I want you to do is dig out your Judgement Tarot card. Next I want you to go find The World as well, for Saturn.

Saturn (The World) is currently at 20 degrees Capricorn and Pluto (Judgement) is at 23 degrees Capricorn. Look closely at what major aspects these two cards form in your own natal chart and then dig out the relevant planetary trumps to lay out in the zodiac circle. You may need to use more than one deck if, for instance, your natal Pluto is conjunct or opposite Pluto Rx.

You can either imagine the the zodiac circle as you lay your cards out, or you can draw it out on a large piece of paper (or even a white sheet if you have one to spare). This is where the first two cards land in my own natal chart:

Pluto and Saturn transits in my natal chart

As you can see, this is an ongoing transit for me that seems to never end. It started with the Pluto-Venus conjunction way back and is not set to end until after Pluto has finished passing back over both my Sun and Mercury. after the exact opposition date (my frickin’ birthday!) next year. 

Anyhoo, again – as an example – I will use my own main aspects for this reading, which is the conjunction between Pluto and Mercury (The Magician), as well as Saturn and my Sun (The Sun) in Capricorn. Additionally, I will pick out Judgement from a second deck since, Pluto (Judgement again) is trine both Pluto and Saturn in the next six months. There is also a sextile with my Moon (The High Priestess) and Mars (The Tower). 

All of these Trumps are chosen face up and laid out that the correct points of the natal chart or roughly if you are imagining the zodiac circle in your mind.

Next you will chose some cards face down for the challenges or opportunities represented by these aspects. This is what it ended up looking like for me (yours will look totally different):

Pluto Rx Tarot Reading with the Complete Tarot Kit and the Pocket Radiant Rider Waite in a tine.

Sample Reading

For the aspecting Planets in my natal chart, I have used the Radiant Rider Waite in a tin. For Pluto Rx + Saturn and all the aspects + shadow card, I have worked with The Complete Tarot Kit by Running Press.

My relationships and values around relating will be completely transformed as seen by the multiple Court Cards showing up in this reading. The shadow card is the Page of Pentacles, indicating a need to relearn patterns that are no longer serving me before I align fully with my calling which does involve working with people rather a lot.

For the trine with Pluto in the 5th House, I chose to pull two aspect cards (Ace of Pentacles and King of Cups). These two cards indicate healing of poverty consciousness which will allow me to bring in more abundance doing what I love, possibly becoming less reluctant to be centre stage.

For the sextiles with the Moon (High Priestess) and Mars (The Tower) in the 11th House, the aspect cards are the Queen of Pentacles and Knight of Wands respectively, indicating an opportunity to heal mother issues as well as the ability to better harness my drive and ambition where it counts, which is working with groups of people for the Highest Good (11th House issues). 

My motivation levels have fluctuated wildly in the past, mainly due to confidence issues, so I’m liking the look of that Knight of Wands… I’ll have some of that!

The Fool for the conjunction between natal Mercury and Pluto is wonderful for freedom of expression and the 4 of Wands for the conjunction between natal Sun and Saturn shows promise of ageing comfortably.

All in all, these transits seem to bring a lot of beneficial opportunities. I hope you find this way of doing a Tarot reading helpful and that you gain some insights into what these transits mean for you. Feel free to share those insights in the comments below!

Love & Light,


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