Day 16 – Month of Love Tarot Love Haikus

day 16 tarot love haiku visconti

Eternal? – A Tarot Love Haiku

Sadness and gladness
Intermingle in true love
Harmony prevails

One of the biggest threats to true love is to expect everything to always be rosy because you found ‘The One.’ Life and love will still continue to educate us through emotional pain. Arguments are not only inevitable – they are necessary for growth to take place. But if both people trust the love of their Beloved and are willing to forgive perceived wrongdoing, harmony will prevail and the waves of emotion will be gracefully surfed.

The 5 of Cups corresponds with Mars in Scorpio. Common keywords are regret, sadness, disappointment and many readers see this as the ‘crying over spilled milk card’ because emotionally we often find ourselves in place where we are no longer to see (or be grateful for) all the blessings in our lives. The corresponding Archangels are Camael (Mars) and Azrael (Scorpio).

Love corresponds with The Lovers in a traditional Tarot deck. The correspondences are Gemini and Archangel Raphael, ruler of Mercury and the Element of Air. Air is associated with the ability to make logical and emotionally detached choices, as well as with communication – the latter (I think we all agree!) is the key to successful relationships.

There is still time to join us in the Month of Love poetry game – Check out the original Tarot Love Haiku a Day post HERE.

Choose to work with just Tarot, or combine Tarot with Oracle cards or other divinatory tools for inspiration. Today’s draw is from the Visconti Tarot by Lo Scarabeo and the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle.

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Blessed Be!