Doreen Virtue’s Door Slam

Doreen Virtue Joy of Jesus Book Review

The Joy of Jesus

So Doreen finally published that book which we all knew was coming. You know, the one about her conversion where she gets to rant about her detractors who are obviously used by the Devil. This is why I couldn’t finish blogging about Doreen. There had to be one more post and this is it. This is where we look at her big door slam on the New Age and her attempt to discredit those who spoke out against her. I was under no illusion that this wouldn’t happen… and here we are 🙂

It’s just a bit sad (and ironic) that she is doing it all in a book titled ‘The Joy of Jesus.’ It’s not the first time I’ve felt sad for Jesus because of how she uses him. Doreen using the Time Life Magazine Jesus Vision as the book cover doesn’t come as a surprise either but it certainly fits the bigger picture.

What does come as a surprise is that Doreen doesn’t seem to have hired an editor for this project. The language is not as polished as in her Hay House books. ‘The Joy of Jesus’ is given away as a free digital copy on Amazon and on Doreen’s own site this week and later it will be out in paperback format. 

Why People Write About Doreen

The reason people are still writing about Doreen Virtue obviously isn’t her change of paths. Certainly, that’s not what the focus of my posts have been about and yet Doreen claims that all her detractors are angry about her turning to Jesus. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love Jesus and I defended Doreen staunchly against people who did speak out against her new choice of paths around the time of her baptism in 2017. Heck, I even hung in there for a while after the April 2017 video that got deleted, thinking she was just in the process of understanding some of the stuff she had seen and completely convinced that the fear I spotted in that video wouldn’t win out…

The motivation to write and expose Doreen Virtue is because of how she treated her students and the animals she had promised to safeguard in their ‘forever home.’ And because we cared enough about this to follow up on what happened with the rescue ranch, we soon realised that there were a lot of things Doreen Virtue said that simply weren’t true.  It is dizzying to try to keep track of all the contradictions and alternative facts… Thankfully, Doreen is there to remind us in her own words in the new book.

Online, both on her own sites and on social media, Doreen has been very good at covering her tracks whenever criticisms about unethical practices were raised. Most notably she took down the Earth Angel site not long after we exposed that soliciting for donations for an unregistered charity is illegal in the state of Hawaii. So we are actually super grateful to now have a permanent record of Doreen Virtue’s own words to refer to. This is one reason I don’t mind giving the book cover above free advertising space on my site.

Can This Please Be Over Now?

That said, I still just want this to be over already. I need to get on with my own life and work. Yet it’s a bit like in the movies when you know it isn’t over although the scene looked like a happy ending… You slay the monster but you fail to recognise it is a hydra that keeps regrowing its heads. Or you’re dealing with a zombie and you forget to ‘double tap’… So you put your weapon (sword of truth) down and try to take a well-deserved breather but somehow you can’t relax. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you catch the monster moving again…

When Doreen Virtue called me a liar and threatened to sue for libel (scroll to comments in the linked post) after I shared the video clips someone had sent me about the rescue pigs, we knew she had nowhere to go with that threat since the rescue ranch was not set up in the correct way for her to be soliciting the way she did. Indeed it turned out to be an empty threat which allowed her to appear to be on the side of justice in front of her Christian following to whom she had stated in a video that she intended to pursue people who blogged about her on libel charges. In the video for her Christian following (watch from around 4 minutes), she claimed she would win in a court of law because God had promised it would be so. It has now been nearly three weeks since she made her threats and I have yet to hear from a lawyer.

The Rescue Pigs We All Paid to Keep Safe

In ‘The Joy of Jesus,’ Doreen claims about the rescue pig video that ‘Everyone could see it was a fake video as I have a very distinctive voice pattern,’ which is odd since it is exactly this distinctive voice pattern that made me believe it was her in the video.

Of course, quite apart from that, Doreen Virtue has yet to prove that the 16 rescue pigs are all safe. Are they? Not a big ask when you actually helped pay to keep them safe, right?

Here is the original clip and here is the edited video. You be the judge. I have listened to enough audio of Doreen to believe the video is of Doreen’s voice. So does everyone else I have asked. Had I doubted whose voice this was, I wouldn’t have published the video in the first instance.

Obsessing About the Truth Doesn’t Make You Rich

In the new book, Doreen Virtue persists in trying to make her following believe that my motive for writing about her is to somehow make money from publishing ‘twisted untruths’ with ‘sensationalist headlines.’ The truth is that I have been blogging for many years and also had Google ads on my blog for many years to boost my income from doing Tarot readings online.

If anything, my persistence in exposing Doreen’s shenanigans has hurt my blog in terms of ad revenue and the ability to keep a strong focus on the Tarot which would have been more beneficial by far in terms of gaining new readership/clients. Besides, for reasons quite unrelated to Doreen Virtue, I decided to take Google ads off my blog. With the new EU rules and asking approval to run cookies etc, it looks like I’m going to have to find alternative ways of earning a living in addition to obviously continuing with my Tarot work.

ETA 24 May: It seems it may be worth keeping Google ads after all (just received my April statement) so I’m putting them back on. And for full transparency I don’t mind telling you that I earned £92. It’s not much but that is one week’s worth of groceries that I can’t afford to miss.

Nobody goes into becoming a professional Tarotist for the money (it takes a special kind of crazy to want to do this professionally!) and very few people go into blogging with the motivation to make lots of money. Personally, I’ve been blogging since 2006 and not earning from my blog would never stop me from blogging. I blogged for about five years before the thought even entered my mind to add any form of ads to my blog.

But I digress… Back to the book!

Persecution, Persecution, Persecution

After talking at some length about the various people who ‘persecuted’ her, Doreen Virtue goes on to talk about how she consoled herself by reading the story of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers. She also says she reminded herself of how much worse the persecution is in some countries where Christians are killed for their faith. ‘In comparison my social media persecution seemed mild.’

She then says that her friends were alarmed by the ‘social media hate campaigns.’ ‘Weren’t these the same people who professed to want world peace, love and light?’ And she goes on to say, ‘It seemed to be only women who were after me.’

I find the statement about women telling. I can personally name at least half a dozen men who have spoken out against Doreen and at least a couple of them have done it on her own pages. That is quite a small number compared to the dozens of women I know who have done the same but it is quite proportionate in terms of the demographic of Doreen’s readership if you look at her following over the years.

The statement aimed at smearing people (women) who wish for ‘world peace, light and love’ is equally telling. The New Age movement is being made to appear to be fake and to consist of nasty women who pretend to be into love and light but who really harbour hatred against someone like Doreen and will go to any lengths to tear her down. Personally, I think you get all kinds of people on all spiritual Paths. I don’t buy blatant attempts to create us vs them paradigms any more but I do understand the group think behind it; It is motivated by fear wherever it appears.

Though she does go on to admit that some people in the New Age sent her loving messages of support, she completely omits to mention that many of the people who spoke up in defence of her students and the rescue ranch animals are actually Christian and at least two of the ones I have been in contact with are conservative Christians. That’s because all truth is God’s truth and the truth matters equally to us all, not matter what spiritual Path you’re on. I do believe enough people are starting to see through the lie about this being a persecution scenario that I don’t have to keep repeating myself.

It is not clear which of her detractors Doreen refers to when she says, ‘Clearly, this woman was being used by the devil to damage my reputation, so that people wouldn’t listen to my testimony about Jesus’ but this is supposedly a woman who ‘had so much hatred that she edited a video with her voice’ pretending to be Doreen. On the off-chance anybody suspects she might be referring to me… Wow, anybody with impersonation skills on that level would most certainly not be doing Tarot readings for a living! If it’s not Doreen’s voice in the video why won’t she put everyone’s mind at rest and show us where the 16 rescue pigs are now?

Who Received Refunds for Donations to the Animal Rescue?

As you can see in the screenshot above (thank you Angelika Hallouane for finding and highlighting this misrepresentation of the truth), Doreen now claims to have refunded the people who donated. I double-checked with Diana to see if this were the case. You may remember her from the blog I wrote a few months ago. I thought that even though it does say in the book that Doreen started refunding everyone who donated straight away maybe it has taken a while to catch up. But no. No refund for Diana.

And none for male European donor who donated regularly and who wishes to remain anonymous. He even got the thank you letter from the Virtues you see above. He sent me this after reading about the rescue pigs and pointed out how ironic it was that the thank you letter sent out to donors featured the pigs. This is the letter he wrote to me which I’m sharing with his permission. (Incidentally, it was another man who sent me the edited pig rescue video – Soz, Doreen!)

This person goes on to point out how many of these 36,000+ transactions between May 2016 – April 2017 would have been for course fees. For instance, there were at least 5,000 members of the Fairyologist group on Facebook. They would have each paid $88 or $44 on sale. Even if every single student bought the course at the sale price, this means earnings of $220,000. Remember that these course fees are in addition to the royalties Hay House are still paying out to Doreen. According to Doreen herself, it is only the royalties for Tarot that she donates to the Hay House charity (Maui Source TV interview).

The same person who shared the Earth Angel transaction statements above also goes on to say this:

“I also asked refunds last year from Michael David Robinson (aka Michael Virtue – author’s note) when it comes Fairy Class but he refused. Asked it due to bad reputation. He said he will be very soon back to me when it comes Clairvoyance Class which doesn’t even work on YouTube any more. He never replied me back and ignored all other questions I sent
I think I have no chance to get money back. I would donate them to other charity place for now if I would get them.”

Sadly, refund requests for Doreen Virtue’s Fairyologist course are still being denied, even after the practitioner register which was part of the deal has vanished – along with the whole fairyologist dot com site. The moderators on the Facebook Fairyologist forum don’t seem capable of providing accurate and relevant information about the situation and from what I hear (and have seen in screenshots), they censor questions about this.

As for the supposed refunds of donations, I realise that there are tens of thousands of transactions to refund but if the man who donated regularly up until the end, has not received one yet then who has? Perhaps only some randomly chosen people received refunds? Did you donate and actually receive a refund? If so, please comment below and let us know when you made your donation so we can begin making sense of what Doreen said in the book and begin understanding why possibly some people have received refunds where clearly others have not.

Stunning Revelation About the Rescue Ranch Timeline

Another thing I found really interesting is how Doreen Virtue claims that the eBay auctions started after they were up to capacity with 300+ animals already and claimed to be aware of a need to downsize. I clearly recall animals being added after March 2017 which is when the auctions began, so I asked fairy hacker Ursula Clarke to dig through the archives of deleted evidence. I added one of the videos she found further down.

The screenshot below is from the first finalised auction listed by Doreen Virtue on eBay in 2017. Since the seller feedback by Doreen is on the 11th of March it is reasonable to assume that the first sale took place in the early part of March 2017.

Below is where Doreen Virtue states in her new book that the auctions started after she and Michael realised they were in big trouble (see screenshot below). If this is the case, why did they keep taking on more animals… and why did they do the June 2017 promo pice for the rescue ranch with West Hawaii Today? The message on the Earth Angel site about how proceeds from sales of online classes went to help Doreen and Michael take care of their animals was up until October 2017 when most of the animals were already gone from the ranch.

Wait a minute… Doreen and Michael Virtue knew in March 2017 that they were going to downsize, yet they kept taking on more animals in and kept asking for donations/promoting eCourses with the promise that these animals would be safe in their forever home? That is certainly how it appears…

In THIS VIDEO from the end of July 2017, Doreen and Michael talk about the new animals they have added to the rescue ranch (from about 26 min). They talk about how they could not continue to support the animals without the donations and people buying courses on and the Hay House site (New Age courses only). Does this sound as if they only received $4-5,000 in donations? And why the rush to delete this video and other video evidence of solicitation along with the actual Earth Angel site itself after we exposed that soliciting for donations for an unregistered charity is illegal in Hawaii?

Doreen’s Idea of Downsizing

Speaking of downsizing… What springs to mind when you here the word ‘downsize and simplify’? A $988,000 mountain view villa with a six-car garage, four full bathrooms and two half baths? No? Same here. But that is what it means to Doreen Virtue. Apparently it was more important to go somewhere without tax (because her partner said so) than to keep your promise to all those thousands of people who donated and bought courses to keep the animals safe. Well, thank goodness Doreen herself can continue the luxury lifestyle she has grown accustomed to! Although, Doreen goes on to complain about having to live somewhere as dark and cold as the Pacific Northwest.

This is followed by one of the more remarkable passages of the book where Doreen sheds tears about being laid off by a company which clearly does only the Devil’s work. Hay House has always been a New Age publishing house. How could anyone who goes down the path of fundamentalist Christianity expect to not be let go of by a publishing house which prides itself on all paths of love being One Path? It goes against the New Age ethos completely. More importantly why would a fundamentalist Christian want to stay with them? It makes no sense. Unless you are trying to double dip.

Honestly, Hay House letting Doreen go seemed to work amazingly well because almost as soon as they decided to cut the apron strings, Doreen started coming out with stories like the one about the demon with the bazooka which appeared in one her videos not long after she was let go and has now found its way into the new book:

“One night for example, I woke up because I thought the television had been turned on. I opened my eyes and saw a demon crouching, and holding a black bazooka gun that he was pointing toward me threateningly. There was a sense that he was conveying, that he would hunt and torment me my whole earthly life.”

Or how about the claim Doreen made in the video interview with Steven Bancarz recently that all her New Age channelled materials and divination can be pinned on the python demon who possessed her?

Final Thoughts

Honestly, as entertaining it has been to review this book, I feel so done with all of this now. I’m not going to read the whole book. I know all too well the type of audience she is trying to appeal too since I was once a fundamentalist Christian myself. I do not feel a sincere spirit in her writings for me to stay interested in what was supposed to the the topic of this book, i.e. Jesus (hard to believe, I know).

Doreen has a track record of even editing eBooks after I blog about her, like she did after the review about her snark against the New Age community in the ‘From New Age to Christianity’ book, it’s too late now. We have preserved this version in its entirety and updates are not secret on Amazon.

As hard as Doreen slammed that door on the people who made her rich and gave her the platform she stands on now with her new message, she slammed it into an echo chamber. Most people who used to care have moved on long ago and now that Doreen virtue has hung herself with the noose of her own statements good and proper, there is no need to keep covering this.

I tried very hard to get refunds for everyone but I can do no more now. My heart goes out to all those who spent thousands of dollars on live workshops. I wonder if they know that Doreen never checked their work but had her unpaid helpers do it all…

I also tried very hard to get justice for the animals. The final word has not been said on this matter. The case is still under investigation. Send positive juju for a speedy resolution and full transparency.

If you want to follow Christ, please know that I back you 100%. And if you need a teacher, learn from someone who doesn’t get their theology from ‘Got Questions dot Org’ – someone who has actually studied theology and has a deep understanding of how Scripture applies to our lives and times. Someone who doesn’t write a book titled ‘The Joy of Jesus’ and make it be about her.



PS. As usual this post is a group effort. Thank you to all my home girls and boys who have helped pull the info together since I absolutely did not have time to read the whole book. Other than the ones named in this post, you know who you are. Thank you!