Ancestral Path - Nordic Shamanism

A Fresh Start for 2020

Skadi and Wunjo - Odin and the Nine Realms Oracle and Elder Futhark Runes

Hello my friends, it’s been a while. I already blogged about my reasons for taking a break over on my other blog but since this is actually the bigger of the two blogs, I thought I’d better write something on here too. I realise that not everybody is following both blogs… and now I’m smiling to myself, realising how much in tune with tomorrow’s Full Moon in Gemini this is all starting to sound. Gemini energy likes two of everything and also feels a need to communicate…

In addition to all the synchronicities around my ancestral shamanic calling that I talk about in the Saivo post, my very old and heavily populated instagram account went on the blink about a week ago. Apparently, I was blocked from posting, liking and commenting. Not sure for what reason the Insta police decided to block me but I didn’t really care because I needed a social media break anyway. Then it dawned on me that the old @tarotize account not working any more was part of allt these synchronicities.

I needed a fresh start and pulling the Wunjo rune this morning felt like I’d be able to get that fresh start from that place of joy of having connected with my ancestors on the inner planes… a green light for opening a new Insta account dedicated to the ancestral spiritual path that claimed me. You can find me over at @LisaFrideborg now if you are on Instagram. I will try to get all the website links updated eventually too but it my take a while since I’m technically still on a blog and social media break. I know, I know… let’s just blame this post on the upcoming Gemini Full Moon!

2020 will bring massive changes in my life. The amount of time I will be able to devote to blogging and social media will be less. The amount of community and hands on work I do will increase. Overall, I trust the guidance and feel this will bring better balance into my life. The ancestral path of Nordich Shamanism that I am now on is also helping me to get more grounded. My lower three chakras are finally healing!

So I will continue to wind down for the rest of this year and this is most likely my final blog post for 2019 on the Angelorum blog. I am not sure how much I will be blogging on here in 2020 but with well over 1,000 posts published, I suspect most of you can spend some time catching up anyway! That said, I’m still open for readings if anybody needs me. You can find out more about the services I now offer HERE.

Let me finish this start with a big massive ‘Thank you!’ to all of you who have been following my work in 2019, liking, commenting and sharing my posts. Much gratitude also to all my lovely clients, customers and supporters on Ko-fi! You are absolute stars!

Blessed Yule and Happy 2020!

Frideborg (as of January 2020, I have dropped ‘Lisa’ and go by ‘Frideborg,’ my middle name, which is Old Norse for ‘Fortress of Peace’)

ETA: I have started a blog for my new path HERE.