Full Moon in Cancer 2018 Tarot Spread

Full Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread

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Full Moon in Cancer with Tarot Spread

The Full Moon in Cancer, 22 December 2018, happens the day after the Winter (Northern hemisphere) and Summer (Southern hemisphere) solstice. Why does this matter? The Solstice is a turning point and a time of completion and release, just like the Full Moon. This means the magick / transformational power of this lunation is extra potent.

The exact time of the Full Moon is 17:48 GMT. The Moon will be in 0 degrees Cancer and the Sun in 0 degrees Capricorn.

Cancer is a sensitive Water sign, ruled by the Moon. Don’t be surprised if you have been feeling extra emotional or even tearful in the days leading up to this Full Moon. This influence can also linger for a couple of days after the Full Moon, so make sure to honour your emotions. What is being released now is anything that we thought made us feel safe but turned out to be a mirage… Or we have a real sense of completion and arriving at what truly makes us feel safe. 

You would do well to use the next few days to make room for your soul to catch up with your mind and body by slowing right down. Rest and sleep more. Tune into your inner wisdom and pay close heed to your dream messages. Meditate, take a relaxing bath. Walk down by the river or visit the seaside.

One of the things that can make this Full Moon extra poignant is the square from Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Pisces. No more hiding from your wounds or things in your life/personality that you have struggled to accept. Sometimes we need to open the floodgates and cry about how things happened and the choices we made that just didn’t work out. This Full Moon is the perfect time to allow for tears to do their healing magic and release some of the pain. 

A Full Moon Homecoming

This Full Moon is about coming home to ourselves – the most grounded and stable version of ourselves, the version that knows what it needs to feel safe. This is the prep work we are doing during this Full Moon, in anticipation of the work that lies ahead in 2019, starting with the January New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn. 

In emotional and intuitive Cancer, it is not so much about analysing what has happened or creating the vision for next year. (The vision should have been born during the most recent New Moon in Sagittarius, by the way.) It’s more about allowing our feelings to catch up and taking stock of the kinds of things we need in our lives to feel safe here and now.

To help with emotional integration and greater levels of compassion toward self and others, we have a close trine of Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. If you want more info on what is happening during the December Cancer Full Moon, I recommend tuning into Wonder Girl Astrology’s forecast.

Cancer Full Moon Tarot Spread 2018

Full Moon in Cancer 2018 Tarot Spread

1-4. Four love letters from my heart about events in 2018 that need to be integrated. Read these cards intuitively – Allow a story to unfold.
5-7. What these events teach me about creating a sense of security and stability for myself. Again, read intuitively and relate these three cards to the four cards above. This continues the story in the most positive direction possible in terms of learning, emotional integration and personal growth.
8. Personal strength – A character trait or driving motivation that helps you move forward.
9. Divine grace – Outside help or charism (spiritual gift).
10. Main cycle ending now, preparing for new growth in 2019. A longstanding pattern that you can release on this Full Moon.

Cancer Full Moon Tarot Spread 2018 – Sample Reading

Full Moon in Cancer 2018 Tarot Spread - Sample Tarot Reading
Lo Scarabeo RWS Tarot

1-4. Four love letters from my heart about events in 2018 that need to be integrated: 7 of Wands, 6 of Cups, King of Swords, High Priestess – This concerns the ongoing battle of getting justice for the many victims of a certain ‘spiritual teacher.’ Standing up for those who were just thrown by the wayside was a way of standing up for myself too, of course but more importantly, it lead to a lot of personal growth for me. I had to revisit all the old pain of my own fundamentalist aka ‘conservative Christian’ past and come to terms with it. This process was an initiation in its own right and lead to my old paths disintegrating completely, so that I can now move forward with more integrity. I’m stepping into my Magdalene calling, love for Jesus and the Goddess intact – everything else in cinders.
5-7. What these events teach me about creating a sense of security and stability for myself: Page of Swords, Ace of Cups, Page of Wands – It’s OK to be the student. In fact, if anything can be learned from the debacle with the former New Age spiritual teacher, it would be to steer well clear of self-appointed spiritual experts and to not ever strive for that status myself. I will sit at the feet of my inner guides and keep learning! I’m safe where Spirit flows and it is safe to keep growing.
8. Personal strength: The Magician – My will and desire to bring Heaven to Earth.
9. Divine grace: Queen of Swords –My gift for communicating in writing. All gifts are from God. All gifts and talents are divine and sacred. Everyone is special and reflects a unique facet of the divine.
10. Main cycle ending now, preparing for new growth in 2019: 3 of Cups – This year will bring a radical change to my friendship and social circle!



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