Ethics in the Spiritual Publishing Industry - Hay House Censorship Exposed

Hay House Censorship Exposed

Ethics in the Spiritual Publishing Industry - Hay House Censorship Exposed

It is #WorldValuesDay and the Moon is New in Libra. A good time to expose the censorship and unethical practices of ‘spiritual’ publishers Hay House. For a supposedly spiritual publishing company, they have a very warped understanding of ethical behaviour in business.

Not only are they still backing Doreen Virtue’s claim of being on a non-judgmental Christian path, though I have shared plenty of evidence to the contrary; They have also abdicated all responsibility for customer care although they are still officially customer care for Doreen Virtue’s site.

I have attempted to communicate with them, to get help with removing my practitioner listing from the AI practitioners page, as well as with a refund for the Fairyologist course. To date, only ONE person has received a refund for this course and that is Ursula Clarke (aka @tangentfairy) on Twitter after blogging about how she got blocked from the Fairyologist forum for just asking questions.

Ursula has recently had her comments hidden on the Hay House US Facebook page from which I was blocked completely after sharing the text you see in the screenshot at the bottom of the post. Once she realised her comments had been hidden, she posted this:

Ursula asks why her comments have been censored and hidden on the Hay House US FB page

Before Ursula’s comments were hidden, she asked the following question about why mine and Julie’s comments had been deleted:

Ursula ask why my comment on the Hay House page was censored and deleted

Several other people I know have also been blocked from commenting on Hay House’s American Facebook page in the aftermath of Doreengate. None of these people have used profanities or been nasty. Rather, in the tone of the screenshots above, people have just asked logical questions or pointed out ethical conundrums/inconsistencies.

It would appear that ethical values don’t rank very highly on this publisher’s list of priorities. If it is above or below actually caring about their customers is anybody’s guess.

The right thing to do, of course, would be to refund ALL people who took any of the courses that involve divination and mediumship now that Doreen says that anyone who is involved in these practices is ‘detestable to the Lord.’

Here is the comment I made on the FB promo video on the Hay House Oz FB  page for the Angel Intuitive course that Doreen is going to co-facilitate with Radleigh Valentine.  It is the copied and pasted the comment that got me banned from the Hay House US Facebook page:

Hay House Censorship on Facebook - My republished comment on the HH Oz FB page

Thankfully, it looks like we managed to keep the comments going on the Hay House Australia page and nobody got around to deleting them yet (afternoon UK time, Thursday, 19 October). I’m guessing it’s just a matter of time though. Actually, since there are so many negative comments, I’m guessing they may just take the post down.

Hay House seem very keen to keep milking their main cash cow on both sides of the fundamentalist fence and she herself doesn’t seem to mind either. If you want to know all the ins and outs about Doreengate, you can find the Master Post HERE.

How about we all boycott this publishing house from now on? I think that is a great way to show sound ethics on World Values Day, don’t you?

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Please give this post a share if you are interested in good ethics in major spiritual business corporations and are opposed to Hay House censorship on their public pages. Incidentally, this is just the kind of activism Doreen Virtue herself encouraged her followers to engage in this video.


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