Just Show Us the Pigs, Doreen

In response to my latest blog post, Doreen Virtue is now threatening to sue for libel. You can check her comments on the blog. I have also copied and pasted them below, along with my reply:

My reply:

I was curious if Doreen would reference this in her daily Bible Study video since it is clear this is a play to her Christian audience. There she is, on a Tuesday, dressed in red (ain’t nobody going to convince me she isn’t still using magickal correspondences!) announcing war. Watch from around 4 minutes. She uses blogs, videos and Tarot readers in plural. As far as I know, it is only me she is going after this way.

As stated in the comment above, I have only kept blogging about Doreen because of the many people who keep writing to me with reports of refusal of refunds and with proof of ‘alternative facts’ put out there by Doreen. I’m doing this because I want justice, so I do welcome this going all the way to court even if I don’t have the vast financial resources she has.

To take someone to court in a foreign country is extremely costly but I suppose she can afford it since God has promised her victory.

All we ever asked for was to be refunded for the now worthless certification courses and for there to be justice in the case of the illegally solicited funds for the unregistered charity. The truth still stands: Doreen Virtue booted students from her forums without refunding them because she didn’t like the questions they asked. She only refunded me and Celtic Fairy to shut up and stop blogging about her. Now that she is threatening to sue someone who has had the courage to speak out about this injustice, maybe some people in the US will go ahead and start class action. Finally, since it is long overdue.

Wouldn’t it be easier for Doreen Virtue to show us video of  all 16 pigs? Like I said in my comment, I’m more than happy to take yesterday’s post down if she does that. She knows full well that this has been a struggle for truth, transparency and fair refunds all along. Nobody I know who has been fighting with me for truth and justice has anything other than love in their hearts for Christ and his teachings. In fact, we feel strongly He supports our efforts.

She is using her new religion as a shield, claiming ‘persecution’ as soon as someone brings up something that makes her look other than saintly.

Her claim that ‘they’ are doing this (blogging, sharing videos) to keep people from Christ for business reasons is a blatant lie and if I could afford to countersue for slander, I might do just that. I have Christian friends that I get along with just fine. Some use Tarot cards and some don’t. No big deal.

Just show us the pigs, Doreen… and refund everyone who asked!

But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, “Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.” (Luke 19:8)

ETA: Someone just sent me this link. Turns out at least Missy the Magnificent is safe… Yay! Only 15 more pigs to account for!