Email List Disaster Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde Email List Disaster!

Email List Disaster Mercury Retrograde

Dear friends,

Today, pretty much everything that can go wrong has decided to do just that. Among other things, this has meant a great loss of subscribers, including my most cherished long-term subscribers and fans of the blog. I have no way of retrieving these email addresses since it happened in the process of transferring my mailing list from one provider to another.

All I can do now is point you in the direction of a temporary subscription page and pray that everyone who wants to stay connected via the weekly emails, finds a way of doing so. CLICK HERE to subscribe or resubscribe!

If you’re smirking to yourself, thinking ‘Who swaps email list providers during Mercury retrograde?,’ I don’t blame you!

However, I didn’t have a choice with how things were going and I kept my fingers crossed for the best. Also, being born with Mercury retrograde in my natal chart, I don’t mind admitting that I tend to get cocky about Mercury’s shenanigans since they usually don’t apply to me in any other way than possibly allowing me to access deeper layers of consciousness. Well, well, well… Let that be a lesson to me, ha!

But let’s not dwell on the negatives. It’s still a beautiful day and, for those of you who have had enough of 2018… The year is almost up! Happy New Beginnings to us all… But first, please check out my FREE download, the 2018 Tarot Review eBook! I really look forward to getting stuck in with the daily Tarot draws for this and I hope you will join me. I can feel BIG changes happening for 2019 for many of us, but first we have to make space and integrate the lessons provided by 2018.

Thank you, all of you!

I am so grateful for your presence in my life.



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