Neptune Transits, Ligth Downloads and Doreen Virtue (Again)

Neptune, Light Downloads, and Doreen Virtue Again

Neptune, Light Downloads, and Doreen Virtue Again

Neptune Transits – 2/5 Do not recommend

Neptune transits can be very confusing. My Neptune transit through is currently moving slowly through the 10th House (THIS is a good resource for how Neptune affects the Houses). It has been ongoing for a few years already and it’s now conjunct my natal Mars. Last year it was conjunct my North Node. Yesterday and today, Monday and Tuesday this week, Mercury is also in this conjunction before moving into Aries on the 4th of April. Mercury doesn’t feel at home in Watery Pisces.

Am I feeling confused? Yup. Should I be blogging right now? Probably not. It might be better for me to keep my thoughts to myself as to not confuse anybody else but then again… I do find writing therapeutic and at the moment; It’s also probably my best bet for finding some sort of clarity. Because this is happening in my 10th House, I have an urge to make it public.

Top Tip: You can stop reading now… lol

Regaining Trust After Doreengate

I’m currently studying Angelic Reiki, something I’ve been wanting to do for years. Why did I put it off? Because I was terrified that the system would originate with another teacher who proved not trustworthy. Who’s to say that they would not go on to retract everything?

It took me a few years to feel safe again after Doreengate; This is in spite of having my own connection to the angelic realm. When Doreen claimed angels were actually demons I didn’t believe her, yet it affected me deeply. My old religious wounding was torn open. Everything started to feel tainted and I was ashamed to have fallen prey to someone who didn’t even believe in their own work.


The worst thing I could have done at the time was to stop trusting the angelic guidance I was receiving but that is precisely what I did. I basically slipped back into agnosticism, my teenage pre-conversion creed. That way I wouldn’t have to assert any absolutes that I might then be forced to retract myself. Sadly, I forgot about the power of the heart and that faith is about relationship, not dogma.

Floundering without any foundational faith made me ripe for another fundamentalist conversion experience a couple of years later. The promise of rock-solid truth that was whiter than white while the world seemed blacker than black reeled me in during the first lockdown in 2020. Hindsight is nearly 20-20 now.

Children of the Light

That said, I have no regrets about my return to Christianity. Especially not once I’d detangled myself from any fundamentalist aspect of it. My love for Yeshua had never died. Now I fan the flames with a daily reading from the (heretical?) Gospel of Thomas and other practices that are more traditional/orthodox. I am putting roots down in the teachings of the Master. You really can’t go far wrong if you fall in love with Him. Yes, the relationship is back on track.

The New Testament Lectionary from this morning is from the Gospel of John:

While you have the light, believe in the light, so that you may become children of the light.

John 12:36

Yeshua was referring to Himself but now, of course, we have that same light through the Holy Spirit. And just the other night, I realised how the Angels act as messengers and transmitters of that light.

Light Downloads

Within an hour of receiving my Angelic Reiki Tarot attunement, I was practicing giving Angelic Reiki to my husband. The energy was flowing steadily, the palms of my hands felt on fire. It felt stronger than before the attunement, something my husband attested to. All of a sudden, while my hands were placed over my husband’s crown chakra, it felt like my brain lit up from the inside and there was a surge of energy. My husband instantly felt it and we both went, ‘What was THAT?!’

There are upgrades going on, my friends but we have to be willing to follow the guidance in order to make ourselves into compatible recepticles. I had received very clear guidance that I neglected for a while. That is not going to work if we wish to receive energetic upgrades and light downloads. Why would we want these light downloads? Because we are healers and we are needed right now. We are the answers to many prayers if we act on our calling and surrender.

Your Angel Friends

Your guidance might differ from mine but I was shown I needed to stay away from drama and distractions. I was also shown that I needed a physical detox which has been ongoing since the start of Lent. My track record isn’t brilliant but it’s improving and my resolve has strengthened, especially after my morning meditation earlier today.

I was able to receive clear guidance from the Angelic Kingdom this morning and got answers to some longstanding questions. It actually started before I sat down for my morning meditation. While I was brushing my teeth, I heard a voice in my mind say, ‘If you had a friend who asked you to build an altar to them, how would you feel?’

The rest of the guidance followed in the meditation: You do not need to erect an altar to the angels to communicate with us. You don’t need to change a thing other than your heart. If you reach out to us angels through your heart, we will always help and if you listen you will hear us.

However, just like you aren’t able to communicate with human friends if you’re not on the same wavelength, you can’t communicate with the angels unless your vibration is high. You will need to make sure that your heart and mind are aligned with the angelic frequencies of peace, compassion, and truth.

Doreen Virtue Again

During my morning meditation, I finally plucked up the courage to ask the angels about what had happened to Doreen Virtue. They said: “She wasn’t always deceived but she was ultimately deceived.” I asked, “Why? How?” They said: “Money. She start doing things for money instead of focusing on divine service. It tainted her work as well as her soul, and generated shame within her. This made her ripe for a conversion experience, so that she could start over with a clean slate.”

Why did I have to go down that path too? I felt tainted by association and then I was left floundering. Add Convid to the mix and you have the perfect recipe for a spiritual crisis. Luckily for me, it led to putting roots down and finally having complete clarity about my own gifts and purpose. But it could have ended very differently; I could still be trapped in fundie faith.

How was it different for me? How did I manage to break free from dogma without throwing out the baby (Jesus) with the bathwater this time? Spirit taught me how to trust my inner guidance again through a mix of gentle inner nudges, synchronicities, and other people. I’m on the path I’m meant to be on.

Neptune Transits – Highly Recommend 5/5

ETA 31 March: I’ve now gone through the whole malarkey and would like to return with another review. Yes, Neptune transits can be tough and confusing… However, if we come out the other side with a fresh perspective, as well as more compassion, we are doing okay and growing in wisdom.

In the Tarot, Neptune corresponds with the Hanged Man. All the traditional meanings are relevant to this transit for me: compassion, forgiveness, putting roots up in Heaven, gaining a new perspective, and surrender. The Hanged Man is also my Shadow Card and now I see my shadow with greater clarity. Forgiveness has indeed been a real struggle, especially around the religious wounding side of things. I’m glad it’s done now.

I started this post on Tuesday morning (30 March), after chatting with the Angels and I’m ending it on Wednesday morning. It is rare that I sleep on a post but I felt I needed to with this one. It is what it is. I hope it helps someone and if it does, please let me know!


Lisa Frideborg

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