new moon in taurus 2019

New Moon in Taurus Message

new moon in taurus 2019

The New moon in Taurus on Saturday, 4 May, is a chance for us to evolve and ascend. We can do this by adapting our core values according to the whispers of our hearts. It is Beltane Season and the focus is on what we love and truly treasure.

It is also a time of many things falling apart. Uranus in Taurus is helping us shift and stuck and outdated values and things. Pluto and Saturn retrograde in Capricorn are facilitating introspection and transformation from within. We are talking BIG, structural changes when these two join forces. Life as we know it will be no more after the exact conjunction of these two giants in January 2020.

Time to Say Goodbye

Some things will simply vanish. Literally. This is not a time to look back. Instead, simply trust that what is falling apart or falling away now is no longer meant to be part of your soul’s journey in this lifetime.

Astrologer Chani Nichols speaks of how this Taurus New Moon is an initiation into the Uranus in Taurus transit.

With this new moon, we are officially initiated into the awakening power of this transit.

Chani Nichols

Uranus is our Higher Mind and signifies our power to bring innovation to Earth. This is powerful energy – powerful enough to change old blueprints. We are in the process of awakening collectively. Which means we need the momentum of this energy. I’m using the Tarot cards below to explore how to best harness this new energy on an individual level, for the Highest Good.

New Moon in Taurus 2019

Here we have the 5 of Disks, The Empress and the 3 of Wands from the Wheel of Change Tarot, together with ‘The Unicorn and The Maiden’ from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle.

The message from the Tarot for this New Moon in Taurus is one of accepting the ever-changing life phases, including aging, and focusing on cultivating inner beauty and creativity rather than the kind of beauty that is only skin deep. We need Snake medicine to manage the big changes that are coming with grace, and to learn to walk lightly on Earth. 

New Moon Question for Self-Reflection

What activities that nurture the beauty of your soul can you spend more time on over the next couple of weeks?

The Unicorn card is about allowing your creative pursuits to spring forth from your imagination which is the well of your soul. God imagined you into existence and you have that same Creator-power within you.

But to be in touch with the pure source of your power of imagination, you must first purify yourself from worldly desires and return to your ‘virgin’/maiden state, where everything becomes possible once more.

Allow this New Moon in Taurus open you up to the possibility of your creative powers blossoming, becoming a true reflection of the beauty of your soul.

And so it is.


Lisa Frideborg

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