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He’s Not the Messiah – He’s a Very Naughty Boy

self-proclaimed messiah and king, joseph gregory hallett
Probably not a good idea to crown oneself…

“Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.”

Matthew 24:4

Here’s an update apropos my post from earlier this week about the self-proclaimed Messiah and rightful King of England, Joseph Gregory Hallet. He’s definitely not the Messiah (that’s Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone, if you’re not sure), and most likely won’t succeed in his aspirations to become the antichrist either… but he’s most definitely one of the false Messiahs promised in the Book of Revelation.

Greg’s mum and sisters seem really lovely. I’m so glad they chose to speak up, basically explaining that he is mentally ill and deluded. Sooooo… who’s going to be our next false Messiah candidate?

For me, the most interesting about the interview with Hallet in my previous post was the fact that he announced the abdication of the pope, something not many people know but something I’ve been aware of since April. In fact, I posted about it about a week before I surrendered to Christ and stopped doing Tarot readings. You can read about it HERE. It makes sense that any claim by the antichrist of being the Messiah would have to be backed up by the Vatican; it simply won’t work otherwise.

What gets me is that so many people who follow Joseph Gregory Hallet on Facebook want a new king. Like… why? That kind of absolute power seems to definitely corrupt absolutely. What did they ever do for the people that was of any real and lasting benefit? Also: MANY known pedophile connections. Get rid, I say!

In Him