pick a rune week ahead readings

Pick a Rune Week Ahead Readings

pick a rune week ahead readings

Happy FriYay and Happy Dark Moon, my friends! The New Moon in Cancer happens tonight around 2 AM here in the UK. I have created a couple of different Tarot spreads for this lunation and you can find them HERE. And HERE is where you can find the New Moon in Cancer Tarot reading for the collective. But now it’s time for the pick a rune week ahead readings. Choose rune 1, 2, or 3!

Before you scroll down to grab your rune message, take a moment to contemplate the Tarot message below. Justice also featured in the New Moon in Cancer reading for the Collective. I feel it showed up again to emphasise the importance of the message given there.

Week Ahead Rune Readings

Rune 1

pick a rune week ahead readings - rune 1 hagalaz

With Hagalaz as your rune for the week ahead, it’s time to batten down the hatches. The energy of this rune is akin to that of The Tower in the Tarot. This is a rune of disruption but that doesn’t mean you have to fear its impact. Sometimes, if the air is getting hot and stale, what we long for the most is a proper thunderstorm.

Expect more clarity at the end of the week after the dust settles. Do not take any unnecessary risks until then.

This is also a rune of war and fighting on behalf of the underdog. It may be you who must be the agent of disruption. Remember, rather than cursing your enemies, wish a moment of awakening for them.

Rune 2

pick a rune week ahead readings - rune 2 mannaz

Mannaz is the rune of embodied consciousness. All living human beings are in possession of consciousness. However, not all humans are fully awake and embodied. To have the divine light of consciousness fully embodied is to be ‘Christed.’

Expect to awaken to deeper levels of consciousness this week, and thereby to deeper levels of enjoyment of your existence – Yes, in the midst of (or even thanks to) all that is happening now!

Stay open to engaging in meaningful communication with other awakened souls this week. This is how we spark each other to ever-higher states of consciousness. An important new partnership may emerge.

Rune 3

pick a rune week ahead readings - rune 3 jera

With Jera as your rune of the week, you can expect a cycle of growth coming to an end this week and another one beginning. Take stock of your assets and what you have achieved before you plan your next move.

If you are coming to the end of a cycle where you have worked hard/smart and made the right investments, you should expect an abundant ‘harvest’ this week. Even if that is not the case, you will have a karmic harvest of the ‘what goes around comes around’ variety. If you don’t like what’s coming your way, learn from it. That way, not all is lost.

This rune is about learning to detect the pattern of cycles of growth so that you can operate at a higher and more efficient level.


Lisa Frideborg

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