scorpio january 2022 tarotscope

Scorpio January Tarotscope 2022

scorpio january tarotscope 2022

Scorpio January Tarotscope 2022

This is the Scorpio January Tarotscope for Scorpio Sun and Rising signs. The deck used is the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

tarot reading for scorpio sun and rising jan 2022

Nothing and nobody is holding you back in January, dear Scorpio! You are looking to establish yourself through some new venture and are rearing to go. Though perhaps a bit risky in some ways, you have what it takes to make this a success. Primarily because you have managed to network with all the right people.

The challenge is to stay fully present in the quickly developing flow of events. That way you’ll be able to see the path unfolding before you, step by step. And how this venture will end depends almost entirely on this ability to navigate with extreme adaptability. Why? Because there will most likely be lots of unexpected ups and downs along the way.

Just keep expecting the unexpected while holding fast to your vision. This is how you keep attracting all the right people who can help you with any blips that occur along the way. Being aware that attention to detail is not your forte right now is helpful. That said, you totally have this and your role is to inspire others with your vision. Expect growth and expansion to occur in January!


Lisa Frideborg

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