tarot self-care 2021

Tarot Self-Care for 2021

tarot self-care for 2021

2021 Can Still Be Your Best Year Yet (Yes, REALLY!)

Happy New Year!

2020 was a funny old year and it seems as if we are heading toward another rather odd and turbulent year. Only yesterday, lockdown number three was announced (I didn’t watch it) and God only knows how long it will last this time. Probably long enough to crash the economy completely, which was obviously the plan all along for the Great Reset.

But, of course, this isn’t about the economy, nor is about a ‘virus.’ All-cause mortality globally as well as for both my native Sweden and the U.K. proves we didn’t have a pandemic in 2020. It is about rolling out Agenda 2030 and what some like to call the New World Order, where we are all tracked and traced 24/7 and payments are made in social credits (“You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”). For some reason, the Elite globalists seem very enamored with the Chinese model.

Who can I trust?

The strangest thing to me, since I have both an affinity for investigative journalism and a deep love for the truth, is how so few journos have done any real investigating of any kind. The truth is certainly not to be found in MSM anymore. Independent citizen journalists and scientists are doing a far better job of letting us know what is actually happening. And, of course, they all get tarred with the same ‘conspiracy theorist’ brush – Whoever invented that term for the CIA must feel so proud of himself.

Some of the best, most accurate scientific and fact-based information (not a conspiracy theory to be found) are being shared on Twitter by Michael Yeadon, Ivor Cummins, Carl Henegan, Sunetra Gupta and Michael Levitt. Spot the Nobel Prize laureate among them! I also highly recommend the lockdownskeptics.org website.

What to Avoid Like an ACTUAL Plague

In general, other than obviously not watching anything aired by the BBC or printed by MSM, we need to guard our hearts against bipartisan tactics now employed to pit us against each other. And it’s not only political anymore; it’s the ‘rat lickers’ against the ‘bedwetters/maskholes.’ But once you wake up and become fully ‘red-pilled,’ you see clearly that these divisive tactics come from the same source and it’s the very few – the 1% of the 1% – who set this all up to start with.

We must avoid fuelling our minds with what they want us to fuel them with and it’s not just MSM; this applies to social media as well, where they have created echoe chambers for us to drain away our motivation and will to live. Step. Away. From. Your. Smartphone. Or. Computer.

Tarot to the Rescue

If you do decide to work with the Tarot for wisdom and soul growth in 2021, please use a hard copy rather than a digital deck. This is important. The less time you spend hooked up to any gadgets and start thinking for yourself, using all your sense and your muscles, the less easily manipulated you will become.

Your Daily Draw

Make a point of saying a prayer, asking for wisdom to come through for the Highest Good when you do your daily draw. Journal or blog your card of the day. Just don’t use sitting down by your computer as an excuse to start scrolling through all the social media posts, if you can at all avoid it. You will find an article on how to deepen your daily draw practice HERE.

Your Tarot Year Card

Don’t worry if you haven’t figured out your Tarot Year Card for 2021 yet – there is plenty of time left! This article shows you how and this Tarot spread will guide you on how to make the most of the Year Card energy for the Highest Good.

Tarot and Your Spiritual Practice

Let’s be honest here, without the daily discipline of a spiritual practice you are likely to struggle in these extraordinary times. Everything is in a state of flux. Only a spiritual practice can act as an anchor in the total mind-body-spirit sense. Without it, you can still have a regular exercise regime and do all the other health and wellbeing stuff without being vertically connected and feeling supported by Source/God when the ground starts shifting under your feet yet again. Because that’s one thing we can be certain of in 2021 – more big changes lie ahead and many of us will have our livelihoods affected if not completely destroyed.

Take some time to figure out how the Tarot supports your spiritual practice. Are there any ways you can tweak your Tarot practice to become a better fit with your unique spiritual path? If the Tarot doesn’t support your spiritual practice, ask yourself why. When we use the Tarot as part of our spiritual practice, it is Tarot Wisdom teachings rather than fortune-telling that becomes our focus. Is there any Tarot or other Wisdom literature you could turn to for help with elevating your practice? I strongly recommend Meditations on the Tarot if you haven’t got it already.

Thankfully, Tarot Wisdom fits in beautifully with all spiritual traditions. For me, as a Christian, it is a rich complementary source to Scriptures and Christian Wisdom literature. There are many distinctively Christian features in a traditional Waite Smith deck for instance, which is not so strange considering that A.E. Waite was a Catholic.

Make a point to view the Tarot Major arcana through the lens of your spiritual path and make some notes on how they fit/complement each other.

Tarot and Your Essence

What we are seeing now is a tearing down of people’s individuality and identity on a scale not seen before – at least not in my lifetime. As a Western ‘white’ person (weren’t we supposed to be colour-blind by now?) you are shamed for your nation’s entire history and history is even being re-written by the tearing down of statues etc to not offend. Apparently feeling offended automatically makes you right about everything.

It doesn’t matter that you can’t be personally held responsible for your nation’s history. You are still made to kneel before people who happen to have darker skin. If you also happen to be a man, you are made to feel shame over your ‘toxic’ masculinity. Wokeness seem to be a whole lot about shaming others… Feel into that vibe and use your own discernment to see how enlightened that actually is. Could it be that it’s just another tactic the Elite is using to divide us against each other?

The ultimate deindividualisation is of course the mandated wearing of face masks which, according to developmental psychologists, cause great harm to babies and young children. Meanwhile, there is really no solid evidence at all to support the public wearing of face masks for halting any viral transmission. If anything the wrong use of face masks increases the risk of transmission of both viral and bacterial infections.

Ego vs Essence

Sorry about the lengthy preamble here but it is important to know that your Essence matters and that your Essence has no place in the AI technocracy the Elite are planning to roll out.

Who you are as an individual is your unique gift to the world. Don’t let anybody steal that! The ego is not a threat to a spiritual person, once it has been brought under the dominion of God/Spirit. Once that happens, the ego becomes the servant of the Divine. But your Essence goes much deeper than the ego, nationality, age, star sign, relationship status, and gender etc.

Your Essence is an aspect of God’s love. You are a love child of the Divine, simply put. This is who you are when you are free of fear and self-doubt. Another way of looking at it is to say that the Essence is your Christed self, your whole and fully human self.

The problem is that we have to learn things in a certain order here on Earth. First we have to separate ourselves out from other through comparison. This is how we build up the ego. Spiritual growth hopefully follows but it can’t begin before the ego has been firmly established. The ego is the container for the Essence. This container makes sure that the necessary life lessons are included for completion the soul’s task in this lifetime to take place.

The Fool’s Journey

The Tarot Major arcana lays out the journey of individualisation and development of both ego and Essence. In the Tarot, we can clearly see that the first seven lessons (The Magician to The Chariot) must be learned before any serious spiritual progress can be made. The journey through these 21 lessons is known as The Fool’s journey. The Fool is the soul that is incarnating on earth with a blueprint of 21 lessons before him/her.

Staying True to Your SELF

Back around the time of the first lockdown, around the Equinox in March, I created a Tarot spread titled, ‘How to Stay True to Your SELF.’ It’s still very much relevant, even after the rather odd conversion journey I ended up taking – or perhaps even precisely because of it. Everything that happened to me proved that just how hard it was to stay centered and true to myself last year. That said, I have no regrets. In the end, the journey I took did (eventually) help me heal and peel off more layers that unveiled more of my Essence.

I recommend trying this Tarot spread with a Majors only Tarot deck to really dial in where on the Fool’s journey you are and where you are heading at the start of 2021.

Hold your light high in 2021 – you were born to SHINE!