Grisly Ending to Doreen Virtue’s Rescue Pigs

This post is very hard for me to write… I’ve been crying this morning since I received the latest video evidence…

For quite some time now, we have been trying to find out what happened to the rescue ranch animals from Doreen Virtue’s Avalon Animal Rescue ranch. Doreen Virtue promised that all her animals were given to vegan friends on the island

Sadly, this turns out to be yet another lie… I woke up an email with a video link with evidence of Doreen Virtue selling rescue ranch animals for slaughter. Look what happened to the poor pigs that had been promised sanctuary… The YouTube video below has been deleted, no doubt on Doreen’s orders. I saved a copy. HERE is the link.

You can watch the original video clip that was taken with a phone camera in the video below (this was deleted too – HERE is the link for the copy I saved):

You can find out what happened with Doreen Virtue’s original Rescue Ranch Promo piece for West Hawaii Today HERE. West Hawaii Today then wrote another fluff piece, to give credence to how all the Virtue rescue ranch animals were now safe in the homes of other vegans who according to Doreen Virtue volunteered to look after them.

The Earth Angel site that Doreen Virtue used to illegally solicit for donations is still down. It was taken down shortly after I published a post on FB revealing that it is illegal in the state of HI to solicit for donations for an unregistered charity.

West Hawaii Today are hugely culpable for this cover-up as I presented them with evidence of illegal solicitation and asked them to investigate what really happened to those rescue ranch animals. Instead they chose to do another promo piece for Doreen Virtue.

Thankfully, people around the world are beginning to see through Doreen Virtue’s propaganda machine. They are waking up to the truth that she lied to West Hawaii Today about funding the rescue ranch completely out of her own pocket. (You can read the story of one person who donated $100 that she could ill afford here.) They are waking up to the truth that sadly not all the rescue ranch animals are safe or even alive any more…

Those poor pigs didn’t even have clean water and there is Doreen trying to pawn them off for the highest possible ‘free range’ slaughter price to people who are clearly not vegans.

And Doreen Virtue is still not offering refunds to all the people who bought courses on the promise that they were funding rescue animals to be ‘safe in their forever home.’

doreen virtue animal rescue donation page earth angel site

ETA 30 April: When Doreen Virtue first acquired these pigs, she made a ‘happy pigs’ promo video:

I compared the images in the original video clip above with Doreen’s own video and almost instantly identified the pig below as being present in both videos… a bit older and dirtier in the video where Doreen is trying to sell her pigs but definitely, undeniably the same…