Compatibility Tarot Spread

The Ultimate Compatibility Tarot Spread

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Compatibility is a tricky thing. I believe many of us put way too much stock in instant chemistry, hoping that high levels of initial attraction will sustain the flame of passion, when really what we truly need is to build a firm foundation of friendship. To do so we need both emotional and intellectual compatibility. The ultimate compatibility tarot spread will help you analyse the situation and decide if you are compatible.

“Based on the questions we both answered, we’re a 0% love match. That means we’re 100% compatible, once I enlighten her to the correct perspective on life.”
― Jarod Kintz

Beware of Projections and Wild Imaginings!

It is very easy to project our hopes and wishes onto the person we are physically attracted to, imagining that they will change to conform to those wishes. Yeah, you know that never happens and it is easy to spot this dynamic from the outside! Yet so many of us ‘forget’ when it comes to ourselves… So let’s start at the right end and analyse potential compatibility with a little help from the Tarot.

Below is a great spread to use to see if you are compatible with a new partner as well as to see where you are at in your relationship with a current partner. It doesn’t tell you how the relationship will develop but rather gives you information and valuable insights which will help you make the right choices.

The layout below was created using the gorgeous Incidental Tarot deck by Holly DeFount. Do check out her Etsy shop!

Compatibility Tarot Spread

Positional Meanings for the Ultimate Compatibility Tarot Spread

Grouping 1

The first group of cards represents how you communicate. a) is how you communicate, b) is how s/he communicates and c) is what dynamic you are likely to create at the minute.

Grouping 2

The second group of cards represents your actions and how you move in the world.

a) is you, b) is him/her and c) is how you would move together in the world. c) shows you what impact you have on people around you and how others perceive you.

Grouping 3

The third group of cards is perhaps the most vital as it shows your ability to love completely. This group of cards can reveal issues on the heart chakra level. a) your ability to love b) his/her ability to love and c) what sort of love dynamic you create as a couple. The c) card is of this grouping is at the bottom of the spread because it forms the foundation of the relationship.

Take the Quint

You can also take the quint for each of the groups to gain further insights. You take the quint by adding the value of the number cards and the Majors together (don’t include the court cards). Next, you reduce them to a number less than or equal to 22. This number will then correspond to a Major Arcana card and insights into the spiritual lesson for each group of cards.

The Central Card (Position 4)

The central and final card shows a current theme for the relationship. In a new relationship, it can give you a clue about the reason why you have come together at this point in time. Or, if you have been together for a while, what your current lesson is as a couple.


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  1. Hello,

    When you say you personally use elemental dignities, are you using the c) card in each triad as the centre card and the a) and b)’s as the modifiers? Thanks!


    1. No, that’s too static. Most of the spreads I have created aren’t set up with triads. It’s how the energy flows through the whole spread. I feel how each Element ‘meets’ and ‘interacts’ with the Element next to it… if it mutes or amps up the card next to it etc.

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