Week ahead pick-a-card Tarot and Angel Oracle card readings for the week of 29 September - 5 October.

Week Ahead Pick-a-Card

Week Ahead Pick-a-Card 29 Sep to 5 Oct 2019

Happy Sunday, my friends! Hope you’re having/have had a nice chilled weekend and feel ready for the week ahead. I’ve had a couple of people email me and request the week ahead pick-a-card readings in the written format, so that’s what we are doing this week instead of a video.

I know some people struggle with finding the time to listen to videos and others can’t get WiFi for it, so hopefully this will help. This doesn’t mean I’m stopping making videos all together, of course – It just means that we are going back to the written format specifically for the week ahead pick-a-card / pick-a-pile posts until we have more of a majority in favour of the videos.

So take a moment and tune into the three piles in the image above. This week, we are working with the Lightworker Oracle, the The Angel Oracle and the Millennium Thoth Tarot. Allow your inner guidance to choose either the chrysocolla (pile 1), the tiger’s eye (pile 2) or the red jasper (pile 3) for a message from Spirit for the week ahead.

Pile 1

pile 1 week ahead pick a card forecasts 29 sep - 5 oct

I will start by saying that for all three readings, I have been amazed at the synchronicity between The Angel Oracle and the Lightworker Oracle. I think these two decks really like to work together. For pile one they form a very clear message that more of your path as a healer will be revealed in the week ahead.

Some of the clarity you gain will be through increasing your social network and meeting people who are already doing the type of work you aspire to (3 of Wands + Prince of Pentacles) but, more importantly, you must not neglect to meditate this week (4 of Swords).

Call on Archangel Raphael and Serapis Bey to guide you – the latter especially if you are drawn to some form of occult studies to enhance your ability as a healer. As a Lightworker, you were born with the gift of healing, which, for some of you, has been (partially) latent until now. You are about to be fully activated, as the world is in great need of healers.

You have reached new levels of understanding which is why synchronicity around your calling as a healer is increasing. Your angels and spirit guides are very keen to get through to you about next steps as you are not meant to proceed on your own and new information may be necessary for some of the steps that you will be guided to take in the near future.

Meditate and do dreamwork – Keep journals for both! You increase trust and strengthen the bond with your guides by ACTING on the information when it comes through.

Pile 2

pile 2 week ahead pick a card forecasts 29 sep - 5 oct

To much cynicism and (internal) arguing has caused you to feel drained (Princess + 10 of Swords). This week is about recharging and starting to feel more joyful and confident once more (6 of Wands).

Once again, the two Oracles seem to be in perfect accord about what is needed from a spiritual point of view. You need to drop from the head and into the heart, where you will be able to heal and fall back in love with yourself, life and the people in your life once more.

This whole message could possibly be summed up with, ‘Remember that being kind is far more important than being right.’ The 6 of Wands, though generally considered an auspicious card, is a bit of a red flag that your pride could get you to fall into the trap of allowing your energy to be drained through endless arguments in the week ahead. It’s time to let this all go now.

Focus on love and only love if you wish for love to grow in your life. And why wouldn’t you want to? It is love that helps you attract all the right people and circumstances into your life so that you can express what is in your heart fully and use your gifts for the Highest Good.

Call on Lady Nada or Lady Mary to bless you with compassion and the ability to see the world through the eyes of the heart. Dab some rose essential oil on your heart chakra and on your pulse points to stay focused on love. Carry a piece of rose quartz.

Pile 3

pile 3 week ahead pick a card forecasts 29 sep - 5 oct

This week is very much about a need for personal boundaries. This could be work-related or it could relate to someone asking to borrow a substantial sum of money that you can ill afford to part with at the moment. Finally this could relate to someone trying to get you to conform and sacrifice part of your own unique expression or to compromise your core values in some way. (4 of Wands + 8 of Pentacles + The Hierophant)

No matter what this situation is specifically about for you, it is super important that you stay grounded and hold your centre. The best way to ensure that you are able to maintain your centre all day long is to start the day right with a morning routine that makes you feel strong, centred and grounded. This include some form of exercise, meditation, hydration, yoga, spiritual studies, healthy breakfast, prayers etc

What you don’t want to do is rush out of the house unprepared and without your psychic shields up. You need to look after your own energy with extra great care this week, or some of your vitality/unique expression could end up on the chopping block.

You are starting to find your personal power and leadership ability and there is some resistance to this in the world around you. The resistance is natural and nothing to fear / concern yourself with. You must resolve right now to not let it affect you and to definitely not conform to the expectations of others if it means sacrificing a part of your self-expression. You are guided to step into your power more fully now.

Now might also be a good time for a combined aura / house cleansing with some palo santo, sage or Florida water to make it easier to stay centred and strong in your own energy. 

Angel Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

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