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Where the Hell is Wayne, Doreen?

Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Dr Wayne W. Dyer has been my hero since I was ten years old. I found his book ‘Your Erroneous Zones’ in my family home and read it over a period of a few nights. I remember lying in bed reading and being filled with light and hope by the power of his words. I remember the period that followed… I was as happy as I had ever been between the ages of ten and 12, and much of it was thanks to being able to meet the challenges of my abusive home environment strengthened by Wayne’s wisdom.

After many twists and turns on my life’s journey, I came across the book ‘The Lightworker’s Way’ by Doreen Virtue when I was in my early 30’s. I found it comforting since I had come out of organised religion a few years prior to coming across Doreen’s work.  It offered a way for me to connect with the Divine without the side order of shame and guilt that comes with judgmental traditional Christianity.

After Doreen Virtue’s recent conversion to organised religion in the form of Christianity, I felt compelled to write a letter Hay House, the publishing company behind Doreen Virtue. I wanted to write to them, not because I was unhappy with Doreen becoming a Christian (that is her personal choice and none of my business) but because of how she had handled going public with her conversion and denunciation of her former work.

Her way of handling things made many of her students doubt the value of their learning experience and in particular the worth of their (expensive) certificates. Many of us wanted answers directly from Doreen but found ourselves blocked, our questions deleted and replaced with gaslighting statements by Doreen, referring to us as being ‘used by lower energy.’

Dear Felicia,

It is with a heavy heart I write to you this morning concerning recent events around your bestselling author and spiritual teacher Doreen Virtue. I have followed her work for many years and paid hundreds of pounds for certification classes with her. I am profoundly unhappy with the unprofessional manner in which she has dealt with her conversion experience from a business point of view.

Of course she has every right to have a change of heart (and tap into a new market doing so)… However, I would truly appreciate if someone could explain to me why she feels it appropriate to publicly denounce many of the things she has taught in the past, thus effectively sabotaging the efforts of her students to build a business around the certifications she/you have issued. Not only that but she is now referring to those of us who are unhappy and speaking out about it as being used by ‘lower energy entities’ – copied and pasted from her FB page:

“The lower energy sees that I’m in a position where I could introduce a lot of people back to Jesus, and the lower energy is furious about this. So it is attacking me, including finding people to attack me. I appreciate those of you who are praying for me.”

It saddens me to see how passive Hay House has been through all of this and how little care there seems to be for the students who have received certificates through your organization.

It frankly disgusts me that she is claiming to be worse off financially just because she is donating the income stream from her Tarot decks to Hay House charities (making herself out to be some kind of saint/martyr). We, her former students, are not idiots and we are the ones who have lost out in all of this. The fact that she states that the money from her Tarot sales now goes to charity doesn’t change that she is still wealthy from the sales of many of the products and classes she is now so disgusted by. She will be continue to be very well off from the income stream she generated via teachings she now feels a need to denounce in public.

Also, don’t you feel it is a bit patronizing of her to claim that the reason she isn’t pulling the products she has now denounced all together is because you, i.e. Hay House, are dependent on the income stream from those products? Are you really that co-dependent with someone who can’t stand completely in their own truth?

Good luck with keeping her on. Personally, I predict another change of direction soon with a complete lack of credibility as a result (as if things aren’t bad enough). You’re better off preparing yourself now and doing something about this mess.



This is the reply I received from Hay House Affiliate Marketing:

Hello Lisa,

Thank you for reaching out with your concerns. Hay House respects everyone’s right to choose their own spiritual path and follow their own inner guidance. Doreen is walking the path of non-judgment as she believes Jesus teaches us to do. She has not denounced her past work but is choosing to go in a new direction for the future. We feel that her past work still has a place in the world and that many people may find her earlier teachings helpful on their own individual spiritual path. Her products will still be sold on Hay House’s website and all of her online courses are still valid as are the certifications. Also, the Facebook groups will remain open as well.

Radleigh Valentine will be continuing his work within the new age community on a lot of the topics that both he and Doreen had taught in the past. He and Doreen are still great friends.

Per your request, we can close down your affiliate account with Hay House. We wish you the best in all your endeavors.

All The Best,

Felicia Winfield
Affiliate Marketing Specialist
Hay House, Inc.

To which I simply replied:

Thanks for your reply but you didn’t address any of my concerns. 

The latest turn of events (which I predicted!) is that not only does Doreen denounce her former work very openly to other Christians, referring to it as coming from lower energy/demons (brushed over completely by Hay House)… She has now turned on former Hay House colleague Wayne Dyer. The screenshots below are from the FB group New Age to Christian Recovery Group (shared by a friend):

Doreen Virtue basically saying that Wayne Dyer is now in hell

Perhaps Hay House will finally listen and understand how utterly bonkers things have gotten. And in case there is any doubt which type of generally hateful and demonising of other religions type of Christianity Doreen is now preaching wherever she thinks the New Age world does not have eyes and ears, this is Doreen Virtue’s top tip on how to get others ‘saved’… (CLICK HERE for the WikiHow link she refers to). To save you time, I can tell you that there is a lot of talk of sin and death everlasting unless you accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour. This is obviously what she thinks Wayne Dyer needed.

Doreen's salvation message

Interestingly, when Steve Bancarz tried to get Doreen to confess that she had been in a state of serious conviction of her own past sins, she denied him the pleasure. She squirmed in her seat and said she didn’t like the world ‘sin’ but yes, she had been under conviction that Christ was the only way forward… so it seems that to Doreen, ‘sin’  is something that applies to others, not to her.

Please use your discernment. I’m not judging Doreen here, I am sharing the facts about what unfolded since her conversion and how she is trying to gain a new following, while referring to her former followers as basically demon possessed. She is the one passing judgment – first on the whole New Age movement, then on her former students who have concerns about the validity of their certificates and now on the late former Hay House colleague Wayne Dyer who is a true saint as for as I am concerned.

If you want Doreen to be held accountable for passing judgment on Wayne Dyer, please tweet…

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It is clear that she believes neither Wayne or Louise Hay, founder of Hay House publishing, is in heaven…

Louise Hay in hell or purgatory according to Doreen Virtue

Just to be clear, if anyone from HH publishing is reading this… These screenshots keep coming to my inbox and personal FB page from all over the world. Think about that for a minute.