Pick-a-Pile Tarot & Rune Readings for 9-15 March

Pick-a-Pile Tarot & Rune Readings for 9-15 March

Pick-a-Pile Tarot & Rune Readings for 9-15 March.

Hello dear friends! For the weekly Tarot and rune forecasts we are working with the Norse Tarot by Clive Barrett. You might have seen some social media memes about this week already: the week kicks off with a Super Full Moon in Virgo and we roll into the weekend on a Friday 13. Mind you, a ‘Super Full Moon’ doesn’t really have any significance astrologically and the number 13 is only unlucky for misogynists, so we should all be alright 😉 The meme ends with a reminder to ‘Wash your hands.’ Did people not wash their hands before the Coronavirus outbreak?! Weird!!!

Choose Your Pile

Please take a moment to relax, letting go of any tension on the exhale. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a couple of rounds until you feel your body relaxing. Imagine roots going to the core of the earth from the base of the spine and open up to the centre of the Cosmos, allowing a pillar of light to connect you to Source as well as to Mother Earth. When you feel connected, open your eyes and allow them to be drawn to the pile with the relevant message for you.

Pile 1

Pick-a-Pile Tarot & Rune Readings for 9-15 March

A great week for research and innovation. Nurture your mind with great intellectual input and defend any new ideas you have against anyone who might seek to harm you or steal your ideas. You are meant to give birth to something completely unique this week so do NOT follow the crowd. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid that you might be criticised for it because even if you are, what you are bringing into the world through your unique gifts and talents is very much needed. Defend your idea/innovation like a mother defending her young! In close relationships, watch a tendency to get tetchy. This is due to your mind being in overdrive. Just take a few deep breaths if you start feeling irritated.

Rune: Berkano

Pile 2

Pick-a-Pile Tarot & Rune Readings for 9-15 March

A couple of possibilities spring to mind for this Tarot and rune combo. The first is that if your health has been suffering or if you have been feeling low, you should have the opportunity to return to full vitaility in the week ahead. Make sure to spend as much time as possible outdoors, in the sunshine! The other thing that springs to mind concerns those of you who are self-employed and/or work from home. Inspiration will be in full flow this week so get organised and make the most of the waves of inspiration so that none of that good business juju gets lost. Progress will be slow, so the payout is not likely to happen this week… but definitely act on your inspiration because it will pay off further down the line!

Rune: Othala

Pile 3

Pick-a-Pile Tarot & Rune Readings for 9-15 March

Okay, I’m not going to lie – This is a tough week for you, my lovely… and the reason is a conflict that has been brewing for some time. As much as you would like to resolve things and move on, it simply isn’t possible now – through no fault of yours! It does take two to tango as the old saying goes. Remember that if the other person chooses to involve others or speak of you behind your back, it will reflect badly on them, not on you, if you just keep calm and keep doing the right thing. The truth will out eventually and the more the other person digs a hole for themself by creating drama around this situation, the bigger the fall for them. Do not let this situation drain you in any way. Keep calm and focus on more productive matters until the situation is resolved.

Rune: Isa

Blessed be!


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