week ahead pick a card beyond lemuria oracle readings

Week Ahead Beyond Lemuria Oracle Card Readings – Pick a Card!

Week Ahead Beyond Lemuria Oracle Card Readings - Pick a Card!

Happy FriYay, beautiful souls! Hope you are well. I invite you to pick a card from the Beyond Lemuria Oracle above for your free week ahead reading. If you are a regular to these weekly readings, you’ll notice that we are doing things a bit differently today. I hope this is okay. I was guided to share just one card and to allow people to choose the imagery that speaks most to them. This is a great way of working with a deck that has no titles or descriptions on the cards.

I also felt guided to share just one card in order to give a clear focus for the week ahead. We want to avoid guidance overwhelm with the energies being what they are in the wake of the eclipse. We are still in turbulent celestial waters in the days leading up to the Summer Solstice.

Pile 1

Fire: Solerus Sublime. The focus for you is to find balance and to harmonise opposing forces within yourself. This is about engaging in a process of detecting unconscious forces that are vying for dominance. These forces typically come to the fore when you get triggered or are engaging in subconscious habits/thought patterns.

If you are often overwhelmed with feelings of shame and guilt, much of this can be resolved and released now. This happens automatically when you become aware and accept what you see within yourself and embrace it rather than try to push it away or project it onto others.

Contemplate judgment vs discernment. Judgment comes from a place of ignorance of the forces within yourself. Discernment comes from a place of wisdom and compassion.

In the week leading up the solar eclipse, I had to do a lot of work like this.

Pile 2

Mount Shasta. Reconnect with your ancestral roots and Starseed origins this week to get more of a sense of who you are and why you are here. You are the answer to the prayers of your ancestors, dear Warrior of the Light.

If at all possible, travel to a sacred site and connect to the grid of light underneath. This is to enable a clear connection with the grid of light for you to receive the necessary DNA upgrades. Though it is possible to receive these upgrades in other locations, it is more efficient at the sacred sites that are always located on top of leylines.

Learn how to use light language to self-heal and do battle in prayer. It is not too late to do the Eclipse Light Language Activation today (11 June). If this is something you feel you wish to do/receive, it may well enable you to begin using light language through the light codes you receive.

Pile 3

Shine Your Light. This week is a wonderful time to reconnecting more deeply with your soul-self. You have a giving and compassionate nature but your focus is very often away from yourSELF and what your soul needs to feel nurtured and happy. You have allowed too much toxicity into your energy field lately. Don’t let the drama of the world dull your sparkle!

This week, make a vow to yourself to a) spend time daily in meditation to align with your Higher Self and b) to nurture yourself with the things that light you up. Be creative for the sake of expressing yourself, without worrying about the outcome. Play more. Spend time with pets and children. Revel in the moment.

The world needs your light, your unique light. But first you need to connect with it and allow it to shine brigthly. That’s your one job this week.


Lisa Frideborg

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