Pick a card for 19-25 November

Pick a Card for 19-25 November – Weekly Forecast

Pick a card for 19-25 November

Happy FriYay, my friends! Hope you are well and not getting too down in the dumps with all the Brexit nonsense and other ‘news.’ This week, we are working with the Motherpeace Tarot (round deck) and the Frideborg Tarot. I’ve just started doing daily comparative readings with these two decks over on my other blog and am enjoying these two together so much that I decided to use them for our weekly pick-a-card forecasts as well.

We are working with the Secret Language of Color Cards for the general guidance message for all of us.

Use your intuitive guidance to choose a card combo or use a randomised digital draw – both methods work! If you want to use your inner guidance for the selection, I recommend taking a moment to relax, ground and centre your energy first.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Lavender Secret Language of Colors

We are hurtling toward the ‘Festive Season’ and between that and everything else that is happening in our lives/in media, it is very easy to get pulled out of whack. More important than ever, in other words, to take some time to reconnect and realign.

Symptoms of being out of whack vary but in general, you could find yourself scattered, suffering with insomnia, bumping into things, being more irritable than usual, forgetting things etc.

Lavender is a crown chakra colour but also a colour that can be used to heal and balance all chakras, just as amethyst is a general, all-purpose healer. Lavender boosts the immune system and has a calming effect if we feel stressed – True of both the colour and the essential oil.

Make sure that you make some time in your busy schedule for self-care in your daily routine. Try to slow down if at all possible. You may find that slowing down actually saves time since it can help you to be more mindful.

Listen to your body. Don’t worry if you have no money to spend on pampering yourself in the run up to Christmas. You can use your breath to come home to yourself – It’s FREE! There are many other, inexpensive ways to care for yourself.

Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners. ~ Shakespeare Click To Tweet

Tarot Week Ahead Messages Reveal

Pick a Card for 19-25 November - Weekly Forecast Reveal

You chose Tarot card combination number 1

8 of Pentacles (Discs) with the Wheel of Fortune speaks of big work-related changes for you in the week ahead. Things could open up in a big way and something that looked bad could turn out to have a massive silver lining. Be on the look-out for new opportunities. Make sure to strive for excellence in all you do now because it will pay off handsomely in the future.

In general, this is a productive week for you, so any little projects you have been putting off or had on the back burner can get completed with relative ease now. This is especially true for anything that demands an eye for detail.

For the relationship: You could find that your mind is too focused on work matters to be able to enjoy intimacy in the week ahead. Watch out for a tendency to nitpick about things you find annoying – It’s not going to do nothing for romance. Those of you who are single and looking for long-term should try to be as practical as possible about compatibility and not ignore more mundane factors.

You chose Tarot card combination number 2

The King/Shaman of Swords (tilted back) with the 6 of Wands speak of a lack of courage when it comes to speaking your mind, yet it is very important that you do just that in the week ahead.

You have nothing to lose by being clear about your wants and needs now but could stand to lose a great deal unless you pluck up the courage to say it.

Better to face any impending clash of wills momentarily than to suffer long-term for failing to speak up.

For the relationship: Are you constantly yielding to the needs and desires of your partner. It’s time to put some balance and harmony back into the relationship – Only you can do this and only by clearly stating what you want/need. Stop hoping that your partner will guess what you need and just spit it out! If you are single and looking, your best bet for a good date in the week ahead is asking yourself rather than sitting around waiting to get asked out.

You chose Tarot card combination number 3

Priestess/Queen of Discs/Pentacles (strongly tilted forward) with The Hanged Man tells us that you have been making too many sacrifices and not looking after your body well enough in the recent past. If you are feeling spaced out, irritable and/or drained in general, it’s because you have given too much of yourself and not been putting enough back in. The advice in the ‘Lavender’ card is for all of us this week but especially for you, my lovely.

I’m getting ‘female health issues’ with this combination too. It could be because you are getting low on Fire and this is making you feel waterlogged, teary and more emotional than usual this cycle.

Bring the balance back by recharging your batteries with whatever sparks you. Everyone will thank you!

To the relationship: The feeling I get with this combination of energies is a passive aggressive expectation that your partner should know how drained you feel now and quietly pick up the slack. Simply ask for help instead and tell them that your batteries are running low. They will probably be more understanding than you think. Single and looking? Not this week. Nope, you do you and make sure you have started feeling happy in your own skin again before you put yourself out there or you’ll only attract Mr/Ms Wrong.



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