pick a crystal for your free week ahead tarot message

Pick a Crystal for Your FREE Week Ahead Tarot Message

Pick a Crystal for Your FREE Week Ahead Tarot Message

Your FREE Week Ahead Reading

Happy FriYay, my friends, and Brightest Yuletide/Solstice Blessings! For this week’s forecasts we are working with the Lo Scarabeo RWS Tarot. Pick a crystal above (snowflake obsidian, turquoise or red jasper) and scroll down for your FREE week ahead message for 24-30 December, 2018!

Technically, the Moon is not full in the sign of Cancer until late tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, 22 December) here in the UK. However, tonight is a great time to have a double celebration in honour of both Luna and Sol. Read about how to make the most of this lunation with a bit of help from the Tarot HERE.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

This message that I came across on Facebook this morning is so beautiful that I felt guided to pass it along as our guidance for the week ahead. Winter is kind. Be kind to yourself and each other.

Pick a Crystal for Your FREE Week Ahead Message – Reveal

Pick a Crystal for Your FREE Week Ahead Tarot Message - Snowflake Obsidian

1. You chose snowflake obsidian

Don’t beat yourself up if you are not really feeling in a particularly festive mood in the week ahead. You have a lot to ponder and integrate for healing before the year is up.  Loss (relationships ending, death of loved ones, getting laid off etc) may have been a big theme in the past year.

Your heart is aching to make itself heard. Your emotions are queuing to catch up with your intellect. Spend some time in meditation asking your heart what it wants and needs. Don’t be surprised if it asking you to abandon strife and drama completely.

There is an increased need for quiet time or ‘down-time’ that you need to honour now. Make heart healing your priority so that you can move into the New Year happy and whole again. 

Pick a Crystal for Your FREE Week Ahead Tarot Message

2. You chose turquoise

Your vision for what you want to achieve next/in the year ahead is crystal clear and you are chomping at the bit. However, Justice is here to remind you to be present in the moment and seek harmony/balance before you move ahead with your projects and bright ideas. There is also an indication that you have yet to decide whom to team up with for the best results.

Be still and get your bearings. You will need a viable plan for how to bring your ideas to fruition. A bit more clarity can only be helpful when you start making choices about how to use your time and resources in 2019. Allow clarity to emerge organically – simply trust that you are guided along this Path and it will come, just like the original inspiration did. There is no need to push right now.

Invoke the Great Beneficents, Archangels Sachiel and Anael, and ask them to bless the path ahead with opportunity and beauty. Anael rules Venus/Libra (Justice) and Sachiel rules Jupiter/Sagittarius (Temperance).

Pick a Crystal for Your FREE Week Ahead Tarot Message

3. You chose red jasper

Wow, three Major Arcana cards means your spirit guides are pulling out the big guns to get your attention for this Solstice and the week ahead. The next few days is literally a spiritual turning point for you – A chance to bring yourself back into harmony by acknowledging your shadow.

Some of the things that you have intellectualised and summarily swept under the rug will poke their heads out from under there. This could happen in any number ways, including through confrontation by family members or authority figures.

The key to successfully navigating this space is to own that things are not OK and then to forgive yourself and anybody else involved. Make peace your priority…. Not peace as denial but deep peace that does not fear its own shadow. Being reactive to provocations is just going to keep you stuck in old patterns… The thing is that you will now see these pattern so clearly (your guides are making sure of that!) that you have a chance to heal them once and for all  – A chance not to be missed.

Start and end each day with meditations on peace. Meditation is the best way to protect yourself from slipping back into a reactive mindset. Ask Spirit, your Guardian Angel and spirit guides to help you stay grounded, centred and unafraid of your shadow. This is the best way to make sure you move into the New Year with peace of mind and joy in your heart.



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