pick a star free week ahead tarot and oracle card readings

Pick a Star Week Ahead Tarot and Oracle Card Reading

Pick a Star

Pick a star above for your FREE week ahead Tarot and Oracle card message. Choose the starfish (pile 1), the golden starburst (pile 2) or the grey Nordic star (pile 3).

For this week’s Pick a Star Tarot and Oracle card readings, we are working with The Muse Tarot and the Archangel Fire Oracle. But before you scroll down to your individual reading, please take a minute to enjoy the message from the Archangel Fire Oracle below.


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♬ Overcome – Patrick Lenk

Pile 1 – Starfish

pick a star week ahead tarot and oracle card reading - starfish

With the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini looming in the week ahead, we have a card, the 8 of Cups/Emotions, actually showing the eclipse. This card shows that you are getting ready to move on to bigger and better but first you need to find harmony within. The challenge for you this week is to restore your vitality levels and joie de vivre and this means entering into stillness and repose.

If you do not already have a daily meditation practice in place, this is the week to start one! You may find this 10-minute ‘As above, so below’ guided morning meditation helpful in terms of rebalancing and centering your energy.

Call on Archangel Zuriel to help you recalibrate and show you any areas of your life that are out of whack. You can also work with amethyst for release during the Dark Moon days.

Affirmation: I lighten my burden and enter into the peace and clarity of the Divine. My vitality levels are restored.

Tarot Cards: 8 of Emotions/Cups, Knight of Inspiration/Wands, 4 of Voices/Swords

Pile 2 – Golden Starburst

Great release precedes a time of great joy. This time of release coincides with the Dark Moon days before the New Moon in Gemini Solar Eclipse for you. Therefore, please take a look in your chart where 19 degrees Gemini falls. Any blockages in this area of your chart can be completely cleared now.

Call on Archangel Zacharael for help with this. One of the things you are learning this week, and that will greatly increase your joy, is that the angels ALWAYS hear our calls for help and ALWAYS answer them. You are taking quantum leaps in your spiritual development thanks to this inner knowing. Work with the crystal turquoise to connect with this beautiful angel and to allow him to help you surrender to deeper levels of trust in the Divine.

Affirmation: The angels support me every step of the way. I embrace the pure joy of living.

Tarot Cards: 10 of Emotions/Cups, 4 of Inspiration/Wands, 9 of Emotions/Cups

Pile 3 – Nordic Star

You are being initiated or you are remembering the fact that you belong to the Order of Melchizedek. Your mission on Earth in this incarnation is to help people ascend. The Tarot is confirming the feeling you have of being in the pressure cooker of spiritual alchemy right now.

It is important for you to stay grounded. Use natural remedies to assist with this. Remedies that help your heart to stay strong, vibrant, and compassionate are also helpful. You are entering into the next phase, where your self-expression will be single-mindedly focused on expressing divine love.

Rose and Neroli essential oil can assist and help you feel the love of the Cosmos. Feeling this love helps you give birth to the highest possible version of yourSELF in this incarnation. As for crystal remedies, selenite can help you connect to the diamond rainbow ray of Melchizedek and remain at peace. However, please be aware that using selenite can cause you to feel dizzy unless you also ground your energy.

Affirmation: Make your own ‘I AM’ affirmations. Pick three that you can repeat ever day this week.

Tarot Cards: Death, 9 of Materials/Pentacles, Ace of Voices/Swords


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