Starman Tarot Week Ahead Forecasts

Starman Tarot Week Ahead Forecasts

Starman Tarot Week Ahead Forecasts 13-19 May

Happy Friday, my friends! Hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend. For today’s week ahead messages, we are working with the Starman Tarot. General spirit guidance is with the Mystical Shaman Oracle.

As you will see below, this is a depth week, so please be gentle with yourself and go with the flow. Remember that what you resist persists. Allowing shadow lessons to arise from the depth may not be comfortable but resisting them compounds the pain and increases the pressure within, so let go and let Goddess…

Before scrolling down to the individual messages, take a moment to relax, inhaling white light and exhaling any tension before tuning in for Spirit guidance. You may wish to close your eyes for a minute and, opening your eyes once you feel completely relaxed, allow them to be intuitively drawn to the number that has the right message for you.

General Spirit Guidance 13-19 May

The Lower World from the Mystical Shaman Oracle

The Lower World from the Mystical Shaman Oracle is about the things underneath the surface, which are the things that hold true power over our day-to-day lives whether we acknowledge this or not. The Lower World is our collective unconscious, dreamtime consciousness and the realm where we are able to establish a direct link with the wisdom of the ancestors and the Elementals.

This week, we are being guided to tap into this wisdom, for the purpose of allowing old wounds to arise for healing. Some of these wounds may be ancestral/generational rather than individual. As you may imagine, this process is not entirely comfortable and will demand courage, as well as perseverance, on your part.

So what can you do to facilitate this process of transformation? Become the Witness/Observer to as high a degree as possible and record your dreams, as well as any signs the Universe sends your way. Patterns will be uncovered, some of them will be very large patterns that have a big impact, not just on an individual level. However, you are only ever asked to take responsibility for your own karma and actions. Just know that you clearing the corner of the web that you have access to will make a difference.

Don’t neglect psychic protection this week and keep your mind clear by avoiding mind-altering substances, so that messages wanting to come through are not being distorted. 

Record your dreams on waking. This is also a great week for shamanic journeying into the Lower World.

Starman Tarot Week Ahead Messages Reveal

As you can see, all the cards are from the Major Arcana, this means BIG spiritual lessons for all of us in the week ahead. Be kind and gentle with yourself and every living being you encounter. Know that you are supported by the Universe in this process.

Starman Tarot Week Ahead Messages Reveal

You Chose Card no. 1

Justice. Going within to connect with the wisdom of your ancestors, patterns will emerge that help you unveil the  root of disorder and chaos in your bloodline. Your ancestors are here to help and support you know. You are the answer to their prayers, as you bring harmony into your own life by aligning your thoughts and emotions with Higher Will, detaching from both and becoming the Observer.

You Chose Card no. 2

The Moon. Go within for karmic and past life healing this week. Don’t be afraid to take this journey in your own meditations and if you need some help along the way, there are plenty of free guided visualisations you can use on YouTube. Karma can be cleared once the lesson(s) have been learned. This clearing is happening now because you are at the right developmental stage for this to take place, so trust the process!

You Chose Card no. 3

The Emperor. Go within to heal and integrate divine masculine energy. Examine any father issues and ask for guidance on how to heal them from your ancestors and spirit guides. You may wish to assemble an altar to the bloodline of your father for this purpose, if this is something you feel could help you stay focused and open to the process, as well as more connected to your ancestral spirit guides.

It is time for you to step up to the plate and to own your power fully this week. This is a quantum leap developmentally speaking, so do be kind to yourself and don’t forget to balance this energy out by resting in the arms of Mother Goddess as often as you need to. There are many layers to this type of healing, so even though you may think you’re done with this space, expect new layers to come off. Remain observant and allow information to arise from your unconscious mind in dreamtime.

Love & Light,


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