week ahead tarot and oracle forecast pick a pile

Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Oracle and Tarot Card Readings

Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Oracle and Tarot Card Readings

Hello beautiful souls and happy FriYay! It’s been an intense week, to say the least. We are still in the wake of the powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius that happened on Wednesday. Catch up with what REALLY went down for this lunar Gateway in my post about the 6th Sun. It is definitely not too late to try out the 6th Sun Tarot spread if you haven’t done so already. We are in an introductory phase of an era that will last for thousands of years.

While there is no sense of urgency when it comes to the timing of the Tarot spread, there is an urgency for all Lightworkers to be activated now, including the second wave Starseeds. Check out my Light Language activation post HERE. We need everyone who is able to hold more light to do just that right now.

The individual pick-a-pile readings this week are with the Sirian Starseed Tarot, the Magical Dimensions Oracle, and the Dragon Wisdom Oracle. Before you choose one of the piles above, take a moment to check out the message for the collective below.


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♬ Water Spirit – Mike Serna

Pile One

Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Oracle and Tarot Card Readings - Pile 1

You are aware of your mission in this lifetime and you take it very seriously. Spirit wants you to know that your guides and angels acknowledge this and applaud your hard work and efforts. However, they want you to start enjoying life too. They are gifting you with a transformation into a more joyous approach to your mission this week.

When you truly trust your intuition and allow your imagination to guide you, the work becomes much more fun. Even if you do not yet work with a dragon guide, try imagining what it might feel like to sit on the back of one and fly to wherever you wanted to go, knowing that wherever you went, your dragon guide would have your back.

Chances are that using your imagination to connect with an imaginary dragon this way, will trigger an ancient memory in you. You see, you are a dragon rider. Becoming more confident is the transformation process you are undergoing now. Part of this process is to connect with your dragon guide or dragon guardian.

Pile Two

Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Oracle and Tarot Card Readings - Pile 2

This week and next, until the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini is a time to be still and go within. Even if you wanted to move forward or start something new, you’d probably find your hands tied. A time of release and clearing lies ahead.

The reason you are called to go within now is to clear the inner mental states that generate or sustain conflict, within as well as in the world around you. It’s time to clear your corner of the web of all energies that are not peaceful. This will no doubt entail some deep shadow work to release any lingering fears, whether they be about what is currently going on or fears about the future.

You are learning to move in a state of repose where you are open and receptive to what is going on around you, without going into a state of reactivity. The Dragon of Peace can help you if you feel inclined to work with dragon energy. As you become more peaceful, calm and centred, you will stop getting pulled into the conflicts that are going on in the world around you. Instead, you will begin to magnetise others toward the peace that radiates out from your core.

Pile 3

Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Oracle and Tarot Card Readings - Pile 3

Personal boundaries are in focus for you this week. You may find yourself stonewalled by people you have been close to in the past. This may feel really difficult, especially where close blood ties are concerned, such as between parents and children or between siblings. However, we sometimes have to come to terms with the fact that not everybody likes us and what we stand for, no matter how closely related we are.

Furthermore, this is happening for you, not to you. It’s happening so that you can begin connecting with your soul purpose more deeply, as well as with your true soul family–So let go of any anger, sadness or disappointment you are feeling over the loss of people you have previously been close to. Just allow it all to be transmuted into love and forgive them. They are on their own soul journey and in the end, we are all reunited in love.

Forgotten memories of your ancestry and magickal powers are awakening now. The more of the negativity around your close relationships you are able to release, the sooner these memories will be reintegrated. This in turn means that you are re-awakening dormant abilities and psychic gifts. A magical time lies ahead of you as you become the magical being you were always meant to be in harmony with the All.


Lisa Frideborg

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