week ahead messages 3-9 february

Week Ahead Messages, New Moon in Aquarius and The Non-Virtues

Week Ahead Messages 3-9 February 2019

Happy FriYay! It’s snowing here today.  Can’t wait to get the dogs dressed up in their winter coats for a snowy lunch-time run. I don’t know who’ll love it more – they or I!

For the week ahead messages (3-9 February) today, we are working with the Pamela Colman Smith RWS Tarot. Before picking your card for the week ahead and scrolling down to the reveal, take a moment to ground and centre…

In the Wake of the A-Z List Debacle

Apparently, Charles Virtue is busy offering former ATP’s a free listing on his own website and Melissa Virtue is trying to reassure people that she was doing this work before she met her mother-in-law… You can read my thoughts about all of this in the FB post below. You can read about the truth behind the A-Z list HERE.

New Moon in Aquarius

There is a New Moon in Aquarius on 4 February at 21:03 GMT. The corresponding Tarot Major Arcana for Aquarius is The Star. A New Moon in Aquarius is a great time to set the intent for any kind of humanitarian efforts, group work, emotional freedom and innovation. You can find a Tarot Spread for this lunation HERE.

Week Ahead Messages Reveal

Week Ahead Messages 3-9 February Reveal

You Chose Card no. 1

Knight of Fire/Wands. This New Moon week is a wonderful time to think of a new adventure to set off on. As long as you stay true to what is in your heart, you can’t go far wrong. This is also a great week for dating or getting involved with any kind of creative venture that sparks you. It’s a high octane week, for sure! Do take extra care to consider the feelings of others in the days ahead – NOT the forte of this Knight. ‘What is his forte?,’ I hear you asking. Playing and having fun. The more of that you do this week, the better – It will also spread joy to others!

You Chose Card no. 2

The Star is the card signifying Aquarius, so it is extra important for you to attune yourself to the cosmic energy of the upcoming New Moon. This week, you may find yourself involved in humanitarian efforts or starting to connect/work with a new group of people. This is a positive step in the right direction. On the converse, this week could see some of you retreating into your world of thoughts and appearing aloof to those who need you. The less selfish you are this week, the greater the reward you will reap at the time of the Full Moon.

You Chose Card no. 3

9 of Swords. Are you experiencing negative looping thoughts, worry, anxiety and perhaps even nightmares? This week, you will get a chance to face your worries and anxiety head on. You must choose to do so in conscious awareness and you must choose to not give into the temptation of feeding the fear with more negativity. THINK. Who can you talk to, to get those worrying thoughts out of the dark recesses of your mind? It’s through shedding light on them and giving your fear a voice, that you kill off the ghosts of your mind, one by one.



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