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Week Ahead Forecasts + Win a Crystal Chakra Healing Book!

Week Ahead Forecast

Happy FriYay! Today, we start a new chapter here on Angelorum by reintroducing the weekly Love Dove Tarot love & romance forecasts. Whether you are single or coupled, there is guidance from the cards to be found for you HERE.

Have you ever ordered a book that you already have but forgot that you own? Yup, that happened to me this week. It is the Complete Guide Crystal Chakra Healing book by Philip Permutt. I guess I forgot because I hadn’t actually got around to reading it yet.

I have been reading it this week though and I must admit I love it for lots of reasons. It’s richly illustrated with lush pictures of the crystals and he goes into how the use crystals for healing in ways that are new to me – As you know, I love to experiment and expand my knowledge base on any metaphysical topic! You can verify for yourself that this book is not rubbish by checking out the Amazon reviews HERE.

Would you like to win The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing?

The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing by Philip Permutt

All you have to do for your chance to win this book is to comment below about why you need this book in your life. The winner will be announced here on the blog next week!

Pick Your Vice Versa Tarot Card Above!

This week, we are working with the Vice Versa Tarot for the individual week ahead forecasts and a combination of the Oracle of the Unicorns and the Secret Language of Color Cards for General Spirit Guidance.

Take a moment to relax, release any tension using your breath and tune in for Holy Spirit guidance before making your selection above. You may wish to close your eyes for a minute and then allow them to be intuitively draw to the number that has the right message for you.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Week Ahead Forecast general guidance. Hope from the Oracle of the Unicorns and Violet from the Secret Language of Color Cards

Earlier this week I came across the following quote by Ariana Huffington that immediately felt like it needed to become one of my life quotes: 

Live life as if everything is in your favour.

Ariana Huffington

Way to be your own source of hope, am I right?

To have a focus on the things that bring us hope has to be a daily thing in our lives – Without it, we simply lack balance and become too easily stressed.

So the question from Spirit to ponder in the week ahead is ‘How can I bring better balance to my daily routine by implementing a spiritual practice that is a constant source of hope and optimism?’

Those of you who read the week ahead forecast every week, will realise that the ‘Create a Balanced Life Card’ has become a bit of a stalker card this year. This year is very much about laying a solid foundation through self-care. 

Week Ahead Messages Reveal

Vice Versa Tarot week ahead forecast reveal

You Chose Card no. 1

9 of Wands. Your tendency to mistrust others is keeping you from living your best life. Use the quote above from the General Guidance message as your daily mantra until you get it in your head that not everybody is out to get you.

You also need to realise that just because things have been really tough in the past, doesn’t mean they always have to be that way. Open up to living more lightly and with greater ease. You have more control of how you feel than you think you do because of your habit to give credence to what others say or think about you. Stop that habit this week!

You Chose Card no. 2

The World. The imagery of this card really couldn’t be any clearer. It’s time for you to turn your back on the things that no longer serve you and sashay on out of whatever situation is keeping you stuck. Do it with your head held high because you have aced this part of the journey!

You are coming up to a major ending or grand finale of some sort this week and it’s a chapter that you are more than happy to put behind you. You’re glad of the learning you did on this but boy, oh boy was it a steep learning curve! You will have seen some of the people you thought you could trust really show their arses. Yup, time to move on and don’t leave a forwarding note!

You Chose Card no. 3

9 of Pentacles. A financial situation is drawing to a close for you. You may have completed a sale of something a bit more substantial than usual, such as a property or much cherished antique. You may feel a bit empty or drained in the days ahead. Pause for a moment before you move forward.

When you have your energy levels back on high will be a much better time to decide on how to invest your proceeds or make any kind of financial decision, other than to decide to just enjoy life for a few days or go on a mini break somewhere nice and quite.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love and Light,


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  1. Hi Lisa,

    I have been studying crystals, stones and minerals in the past years and adding books from different authors so I can learn distinct opinions and experience. I don’t have yet anything from Philip but interestingly this past week I browse some of his books so I can make a wise choice, in the near future, because I really want to know what he has to teach and I like is presence, passion and sense of humor when he talks about crystals. Also this past week I bought an online program to learn Crystal Reiki, I’m curious and want to add something new to my metaphysical journey. So, winning a book from P.P. would be one more tool for me and what I believe a cute Yes from the Universe.

    Greetings from Portugal.

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  2. I had my first reiki session about a month a ago, and I was given a chakra crash course with it. I learned which chakras are balanced, which are overactive, which are underactive, and I was given some tips on how to bring balance to the ones in need of balance. Since then, I’ve been doing some research and working toward expanding my selection of reference materials to bring balance to my chakras. I’m grateful for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. Thank you for offering it. I appreciate you. Love and light.

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  3. I could use guidance and enlightenment to help me get back on a positive track in my relationships. I’ve gone through major life changes in the last 10 mos which were good for me in most ways, but caused my friends to become distant (physically and emotionally). I’d like to explore the reasons why these shifts have occurred and how to accept/work on these changes.

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  4. Lisa thank you and as always your readings are always spot on, love getting your email every week. I’m going to keep my answer simple as to why I need the crystal book in my life. Quite honestly I have been stepping out of my comfy zone with how I present my beliefs, I have stopped apologizing for not fitting into everyone ‘s idea about how we should live spiritually. I have now started my study on crystals and believe would be a great steppingstone for my learning. Thank you for this chance and good luck to everyone!

    1. Post

      Thanks for the feedback on the readings, Melissa. So happy to hear that you feel more free to be true to yourself. You have been entered into the draw.

    2. Melissa, I LOVE what you wrote. If it was up to me, I would make you the winner!

      I AM all for people being Empowered and Self-Expressed. And it sounds like you are allowing your Inner Goddess to blossom and fully transform you. Congratulations!!

  5. This book would be a great resource and could only benefit my clients, my students, and yours truly.

    Thank you, Lisa, for all you do for so many.

    Also, what are the names of the Oracle Card and Tarot Decks used in this post? ME WANT!

    1. Post

      Thanks Robert, you have been entered in the draw! The names of the decks are all mentioned in the post – Vice Versa Tarot, Oracle of the Unicorns and Secret Language of Color Cards.

  6. Spot on with The World this week! I have been trying as of late to let go of all of the crap that has been holding me back/down for the last few years, but it has been more challenging than I imagined; thus, I would love to win a copy of The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing as I feel it would be a great resource to getting my energies back on track. 🙂

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  7. Lol feeling called out, I’m definitely the hypervigilant 9wands type, I’m working on this… while still trying to maintain appropriate boundaries. #accurate

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