Week Ahead Message Feb 24 - March 2

Week Ahead Message 24 Feb – 2 March

Happy FriYay! Spring has sprung this week. The crocuses are in full bloom and I have been able to wear a lighter jacket while walking my two dogs. This is such a beautiful time of the year. It’s a time when many of us start waking up from our slumber and look around at the possibilities all around us. The sap is rising and we turn our faces to the sun, feeling ourselves gradually becoming more energised once more.

For today’s week ahead messages, I’m working with the lovely Tarot Decoratif by Ciro Marchetti. This is a Marseille Tarot / Waite Smith hybrid (small images on the pip cards) and done in the Art Deco style. 

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Before choosing your Tarot card for the week ahead, you may wish to spend a moment grounding your energy. Close your eyes, relax and take a few deep breaths, letting go of any tension. Before opening your eyes, set the intent to receive Holy Spirit guidance and then allow your eyes to be drawn to the right number for you.

General guidance from Spirit this week is with the Secret Language of Color Cards


Creating a balanced life is a worthy undertaking as we approach the equinox later in March. The March equinox is all about balance and a great time to consider if everything in our own lives is in whack before we move forward and expand our domain (Northern Hemisphere) or slow down and go within (Southern Hemisphere). 

Are we working too much or not enough? Are we suffering from brain fog and getting easily distracted? Are we sleeping well or are we suffering from more or less constant sleep deprivation? And what about balanced nutrition / hydration? How many of us are still carrying around that extra half stone we put on around the Holidays?

Now is a good time to have a good spring (or autumn) clean for Mind, Body and Spirit… and there really is no better way of doing this than through Intermittent Fasting! Will you join the 21-Day Equinox Intermittent Fasting Challenge starting on 1 March?

Week Ahead Messages Reveal

You Chose Card no. 1

Strength is a great sign that your sap is rising this week! This is a great time to act on any plans and ideas you have. You are sure to succeed in any new ventures undertaken now. Your natural leadership abilities are in demand and people look to you for inspiration. 

For the home life, this card means that issues concerning children are in focus. Try to spend as much time with your children as possible. They need your support, warmth and guidance at this time.

For starting an intermittent fasting protocol, this card is a reminder that you get better result with the carrot than with the whip. Be kind to yourself and be patient. Think in terms of implementing lifestyle changes that will lead to a better quality of life in the long term, rather than trying to deprive yourself for quick fix results.

You Chose Card no. 2

The Lovers could definitely mean that love is in the air for you! This is another card where you can feel the sap rising… Single and looking? Great! Get your hair did already and go on that date – You won’t regret it!

The other meaning of The Lovers for you to be aware of in the week ahead is a need for greater discernment… and you may have to make an important choice with far-reaching consequences, so you’ll want to keep a clear head.

For starting an intermittent fasting protocol, this card (Gemini energy) means that you would benefit greatly from daily meditation while you fast, as well as journalling and/or using a mantra/affirmation to keep your mind from derailing you. 

You Chose Card no. 3

The 10 of Wands is a sign that you really need to address your work-life balance in the week ahead. You need time to rest, recover and get back on track. Things have gotten a bit out of control due to too heavy a workload and / or too much stress in general.

It’s OK to ask for help and it’s most definitely OK to step on the brakes and just say ‘no.’ This is a good time for you to take time out and address you stress levels. Delegate to free up some time. 

For starting an intermittent fasting protocol this week, this card means that you need to go easy on yourself and may need to choose the largest eating window to give your body a chance to adapt to not snacking. Start a new loving, non-food related self-care routine



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