10-16 December Week Ahead Messages

Week Ahead Messages 10 – 16 December

10-16 December Week Ahead Messages

New Moon Blessings, my friends! Are you ready for the week ahead messages for 10-16 December? Pick a pendulum above and scroll down for your FREE individual Tarot messages. We are working with the Everyday Witch Tarot this week.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Sagittarius New Moon

With today’s New Moon in Sagittarius (Friday, 7 December), we can plan ahead for an energising/inspiring Waxing Moon week. Mercury stationed direct yesterday as well. These two events help us move forward in the direction of our dreams and goals once more. If you have been feeling stuck recently, this should ease greatly in the week ahead. It’s time to move to higher ground!

This is a great time for broadening our horizons and thinking about what goals to set for 2019. I realise it is also a very busy time for most of us, but try to take some time this week and jot down your goals and plans for the New Year. Don’t be afraid to aim high!

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Tarot Week Ahead Messages 10-16 December – Reveal

Week Ahead Messages 10-16 December Amethyst

1. You chose the amethyst pendulum

The main theme for you in the week ahead is nurturing yourself and others. You may find yourself busier than usual, both with work and with making plans & preparations for the holidays. People depend on you getting many little practical tasks done.

There could be a temptation try to hide yourself away but that will on result in having to do more later. The best way to deal with everything that is happening in the week ahead is to try to stay organised and tackle the most taxing tasks as early on in the day as possible. You’ve got this!

Black Tourmaline 10-16 December week ahead

2. You chose the black tourmaline pendulum

It may not be able to avoid conflict completely this week but avoid appearing aloof or as if it’s your way or the highway. Team up with someone who shares your vision and spitball with them on how to create a win-win solution.

You may not be able to cope with this unwanted drama as well as you think on your own. Trust your gut instinct about whom you can trust and do confide in them for support and guidance. You are likely to find out who your true friends are this week.

10-16 December week ahead messages

3. You chose the aqua aura pendulum

Expect turbulence in your love life, so do all you can to detach emotionally. Being reactive is going to create more of the same. The best way to cope with the negativity is to retreat until you can make your point with greater clarity.

Once you know exactly what you want/need, you should not hesitate to stand your ground, even if you are not following a conventional path. I’m also picking up on a need to fend off unwanted attention from people who are smitten with you. Don’t be afraid to be very frank with them about how you feel!




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